Sashiko Yuen

Pride Week is here and that means the Mercury's Pride issue has arrived, AND IT'S ALL COMICS (mostly)! This year we asked queer artists from within the Pacific NW comics community to create something special just for you to celebrate, reflect, and be entertained by such as:

Cover art by Sashiko Yuen, AKA Wishcandy. (See more of her rad work at

β˜… Norah Horwitz' Heroes Inside.

β˜… Ed Luce's beastly soft Wuvable Oaf. (Pick up a print edition for the paper doll version!)

β˜… A family day with The Feeling is Multiplied.

β˜… Annie Murphy's history piece on the Oregon's own queer doctor, Dr. Marie Equi.
(Spoiler: She horsewhips a man who refused to pay for services rendered.)

β˜… Taneka Stotts & GenuΓ© Revuelta's W3 THR33.

The entire spectrum of LGBTQIA+ is beautiful and we did our best to include our top favorite comic artists right now. If there's someone you think we should've included, please drop a comment below with their name and we'll be sure to check em out!

If you're looking for how you can support and celebrate Pride Week, check out all the links above to follow up with more of the artists' work, or read our ultra mega Pride Week calendar, complete with all the Waterfront Mainstage events. See ya there!

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