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The Mercury’s 2022 General Election Endorsements

You should now have your ballots for the November 8 election in your hot, little hands. Now what? The Mercury Election Strike Force is here to help you take the next step with our handy endorsement guide!

Subin Yang

Wheeler, Ryan Unveil Unfunded Proposal to Criminalize Homelessness

Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Ryan announced an aspirational plan to criminalize homeless camping in public—one that currently doesn't have funding, clear support from other governmental agencies, or interested contractors to carry it out.

Vander / Getty Images


Hey, brainy butts! 🤓 It's time for the super fun POP QUIZ PDX. This week's trivia quiz includes presidents lickin' ice cream, which candidates NOT to vote for, and the best named cats at the Oregon Humane Society! Meow, LET'S DO THIS. 😻

Oregon Humane Society

Lawsuit Against Feds' Use of Chemical Weapons on Portlanders in 2020 Heads to Appeals Court

“Anyone who’s been poisoned always wants to know what they were poisoned with," says one of the lead environmental lawyers pushing the feds to disclose which types of chemicals officers used on Portland protesters in 2020.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland


Hear ye! Hear ye! It's time again for the hilarious TRASH REPORT from Elinor Jones. This week: POTUS in Portland, Pelosi wants to punch Trump's stupid face, and Madonna announces she's gay (duh, yeah, join the club).


Clean Energy Fund Supporters Urge Council to Maintain Integrity of the Program During Structural Changes

Supporters of the Portland Clean Energy Fund applauded the program's proposed structural changes, but also warned city leaders not to dilute the original intention of the voter-approved fund.

Clean Energy Fund

Stop Motion Director Henry Selick Talks Wendell & Wild, Jordan Peele, and Portland Animation

A new feature from "Nightmare Before Christmas" director Henry Selick opens at the Hollywood this week, and it was co-written with Jordan Peele. The Mercury spoke with Selick about why Portland is the best city to make a stop-motion movie.


Portland Police Once Again Withhold Name of Officer Who Shot Member of the Public

For the third time this year, the Portland Police Bureau has refused to release the name of a Portland officer who shot a member of the public—despite a city requirement to do so.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

The Mosh Critique: Iceage and Earth, at Aladdin Theater

Iceage's singer straight-up bullied Portland's polite crowd into a respectable pit of chaos and camaraderie. Plus, how our critic rated the mosh pit!

Suzette Smith

Building Towards TÁR

Portland-raised director Todd Field was best known, before now, for his acclaimed "In the Bedroom," but with Cate Blanchett as the central character in his new work "Tár," Field has made his most formally disciplined, ultimately enigmatic work to date.

Focus Features

Portland to Lower Speed Limit Around Cleveland High School and Return Bike Boxes to SE 26th

Portland will create a "School Speed Zone" around Cleveland High School, making the 20 mph zone one of numerous transportation safety actions in the area City Council approved this week.

Tunzina / Getty Images


Portland-based Rapper Epp's excellent new LP "FOLD," and Lollipop Shoppe shows off the new face of the old Dig A Pony space—your favorite music columnist Jenni Moore found all the coolest shows she wants you to... Hear in Portland.

Courtesy of Eyrst


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Slamming orgasms lead to slamming headaches, and polyamory is complicated... who'da thunk?

Joe Newton

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