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Portland City Council Candidates Already Scrambling For Public Campaign Dollars

Soon after the city confirmed new voting districts, candidates for the 2024 Portland City Council race filed paperwork with the Small Donor Election Program. Council candidates could get up to $300K in public matching funds if they get enough donors.

Taylor Griggs


Trump's muggy mugshot, nobody likes Scooter Braun, and an APB for the person eating corn on the cob for breakfast... while driving?? It's another hilarious, gossip-filled TRASH REPORT!


Missing the Forest and the Trees: How City Politics Are Getting in the Way of Portland’s Tree Canopy

Portland's trees are among its greatest assets. But climate change and disjointed local politics are getting in the way of maintaining Portland's urban forests and expanding tree canopy coverage throughout the city.

Taylor Griggs

Here's "Portland's Funniest Person" for 2023

The winner of this year's "Portland's Funniest Person": A self-proclaimed (and very funny) "Gen Z piece of shit." Here's our recap!

Suzette Smith

The Race For Portland's Next City Council Has Already Begun

As the city gears up for a new government structure and a 12-person council, candidates are kicking off campaigns for a pivotal 2024 election. To date, more than a dozen people have already filed to run.


•  PSU Adjuncts Say Treatment of Part-Time Instructors Reveals Institutional Problems

Adjunct faculty at Portland State University teach more than a third of classes, but they say they’re not fairly compensated for their work—and it’s having a ripple effect across Portland’s largest college.

Taylor Griggs


Celebrating Queen B's b-day, Bremer Baden is on his own, and (steady yourself) another scorching hot video from Wynne has arrived! Get the latest music and event news via HEAR IN PORTLAND.


Unionized Burgerville Workers Say Company is Illegally Retaliating Against Organizers

Employees at Burgerville's unionized restaurants say management has retaliated against organizers, locking them out after a recent strike. The company also hired temporary workers at higher wages than permanent staff, causing discord.

Taylor Griggs

Don't Miss the Next "TWO EVILS" Comedy Game Show!

If you're looking for "double the funny" then don't miss the next "TWO EVILS" comedy game show—with special guest contestants Neeraj Srinivasan and Milan Patel! 😍


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