I met a girl on tinder. She was a firecracker. Redheaded fetishists rejoice! We went on hikes, attended street fairs, ate good/bad food. Standard dating-fare. I fell prey to my male tendencies and it quickly became a fwb affair. It was great for a bit but when she heard a previous partner of mine was coming to visit for the 4th of July, she got upset. I had been very open about not being monogamous but that had, apparently, fallen on deaf ears. After a short tiff, she broke into tears and told me that she needed help. She couldn't pay her rent and needed to borrow some money. She didn't want to keep asking her father so I figured $50 is no big deal and I obliged. The next day she asked if I could meet her with a check for $500, 70% of her rent. Being a pragmatic asshole, I valued our friendship at less than that and told her I wouldn't be able to help. No response.
Some time passed and I spent it with some other casual partners when I received a text from her. She told me that she had gonorrhea and was certain I had given it to her. I apologized but didn't hear from her. I had to make some pretty awkward phone calls to people I really liked that night. Of the five people I called, only one of them still speaks to me today. I went to the doctor that weekend and was tested. It came back negative. It turns out she had lied about the whole thing knowing I would tell my partners and strain our relationships. The firecracker had bested me and all I got out of it was a drug test.