I had a crush on a kinda punk girl in one of my college film classes. I worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date despite her hanging out with golds gym looking bro bros. She drove us to see Moulin Rouge in her bright red brand new BMW talking about how Daddy gave me this car and how gross bikes are. Sitting in the theater during trailers/ads she tells me about how she is from Florida and she didn't like it there because of the people. I'm like, oh, yeah sometimes I forget that Florida is in the South and that culture is hard for me to understand and feels so backward in lots of ways. She is like: yes, totally, there are so many of 'Those People' there. I assume she is talking about rednecks until she says something like "Black people are just so ignorant." My mouth drops open in disbelief as the lights go out and the movie starts. I somehow sit through the movie and immediately as the credits roll I jump and leave telling her I prefer to walk home. See ya! Turned me off from crushing on people just from their physical appearance for a long time.