The I, Anonymous Blog is a great place to share rants and questionable opinions. But I think it's working in top form when you send in your embarrassing confessions. Check out this very curious one titled, "I Hair Care Too Much."

I can't stand strands of hair that stick out; I hate it. I have a pair of retractable scissors that I keep in my pocket, and whenever I see a hair sticking out, I'll pull out the scissors and snip it off. It's become a sort of an obsession.

The problem is, I can see my reflection in my computer screen at work. I've tried to snip the hair looking into my computer screen reflection, but it's too distorted. So, I'm forced to sneak off to the bathroom to put an end to the unsightly strand. Although it is satisfying to clip that fucking hair, I think my coworkers think I'm on drugs.

It's gotten a bit out of hand; I'm heading to the bathroom now every 20-30 minutes and I'm only in there for a few minutes. They probably think I'm a coke-head or something.

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