If you think that everyone who practices yoga is a meditative, calm person who is one with the universe, think again! They get just as pissed with the world as the rest of us, and as an example, check out this submission to the I, Anonymous Blog titled, "Fuck Your Ujjayi Breath."

To the β€œyogi” at every yoga studio ever, shut the fuck up with your Ujjayi breath. Nobody wants to hear your labored Darth Vader breathing while trying to Zen out. Contrary to what you might have been told/taught/observed, you do not need to project your strained throat sounds across time and space (no really, Google it.) I’m trying to get my meditation on, but my eyes are too busy rolling into the back of my head. Do us all a favor and worry less about perfecting your Downward Dog and instead focus your attention on shutting the hell up!

Got an enlightened rant or confession? Drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog which is kind of like the "Ujjayi breath" of the internet. Or not. Actually, I have no experience with it. Thanks! Bye!