The I, Anonymous Blog is a great place to unfetter yourself of self-righteous rants and confessions—BUT. Every now and then we get one by someone who is infuriatingly entitled, and just goddamn DUMB. Herein lies such a rant, titled "Move Over."

I get that 20 is plenty, for you. Not for me. I feel 25-35 is more what the limit should be and I also get that I’m breaking the law when I speed. What I don’t get is YOU driving EXACTLY 20 when there are 11 cars behind you in some sort of NIMBY parade. Pull the fuck over and let us pass!!! We have places to be and one of those places is not behind some wannabe next-door warrior who spends their days trying to enforce laws.

While I may have a tortured relationship with I, Anonymous commenters, this time they absolutely nailed it in regards to this cry-baby doofus:


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