You know, the eternally popular I, Anonymous Blog is a great place to air your most petty rants and grievances against humanity. BUT! It is also a necessary public confessional booth, where one can apologize for sins committed against one's fellow humans. For example, take our I, Anonymous Blog pick of the day titled "Sorry for drinking mushroom tea on the nude beach."

To the girls on Sauvie Island Monday. I'm the guy that perhaps set up my spot too close to you guys. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, but I'm pretty sure I did. I was trying to avoid looking at everyone, but I'll admit you two are attractive and I glanced a few times. My intention originally was to slowly drink my magical tea and walk down the nude beach past the regular beach to the lighthouse and back. When I stopped by your spot I was just gonna light a cigarette and keep moving. However I drank my tea too quickly, and before I knew it my legs didn't operate very efficiently, and had to stop about every 50 feet to ride the wave in my head....

But there's more to the story! Find out what the nude beach ladies had to say about this person's behavior here. By the way, do YOU have a rant or confession you'd like to submit anonymously? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog, where if it's interesting enough, it may be spotlighted in the print edition of the Mercury and on the hilarious I, Anonymous Show podcast!