OKAY, FINE. This may not be the most poetic I, Anonymous submission we've ever received, but C'MON. You have to admit that "Deod-o-rant" is a pretty damn good title. From the I, Anonymous Blog:

Here comes summer and with that; a whole bunch of you stanky fuckers! Your putrid body odor is disgusting. No one want to smell your ass, garlic and booze. I was at least 10 feet away today and I about barfed (a more pleasant odor in this circumstance).

Can we can have a speed-stick fund drive sponsored by the Merc, Xray fm, and some CBD company to help hipsters hygiene? I’d kick down a tenner to get this ball rolling. Pew!

Ummm... excuse me, but why is it the Mercury's (and Xray FM's) job to make sure people use deodorant? YOU GUYS EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM US! Whatever. Hey, if you have a rant or a confession you'd like to get off your chest, drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog. And don't forget to download the heeee-larious I, Anonymous Podcast! (It's like music to your ears... if music was more like petty rants.)