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Why the Fuck Do We Bathe Every Morning?

Why? Why as a culture do we bathe in the morning? Let's be real: We’re out doing nasty shit ALL DAY, so why aren’t we washing out butts before we lay down? That’s icky, right? Walking around all day in bare feet or stinky shoes? Gross! Pooping after your morning shower? Nasty! Sitting at a computer funking yourself up all day? No, thank you! Just bathe at night, people! Then sleep soundly, surrounded by clean smelling sheets and the knowledge you are no longer disgusting. Fuck showering in the morning! Join the “showering at night” revolution! —Anonymous

I think I'm going to continue showering in the morning, but thanks for sharing. HEY. Got a rant, confession, or low-level priority manifesto you'd like to share with the world? Drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog—where if it's interesting enough, it could be chosen for our print edition, or featured in the live I, Anonymous Show! (The next one is Saturday, November 9 at the Pacific Crest Comedy Fest and along with host Kate Murphy, will feature comedian Steven Wilbur AND former I, Anonymous Show hosts Bri Pruett and Caitlin Weierhauser! YAYYYYY! Get your tickets now!)