The I, Anonymous Blog has been ON FIRE lately with juicy (often times righteous) rants regarding the shitheels of our society who are making the COVID-19 crisis exponentially worse—particularly for GROCERY STORE WORKERS. Recently we spotlighted a grocery store worker's plea for people to stop being fucking dicks to workers, and today we are featuring a similar ask—pointed toward those who, for some reason, are still calling the grocery stores, even though they must realize that these employees are wildly understaffed and overworked... right? I MEAN, PLEASE GOD TELL ME THEIR HEADS AREN'T SO FAR UP THEIR ASSES THAT THEY REALIZE THIS, AND... whoo. Okay. I'll step aside, and let this person's rant (called "STOP CALLING") commence.

Just stop calling grocery stores to find out if we have lightly salted tortilla chips, medium sized capers, tellecherry black peppercorns, and marzipan.

YOU are thwarting our efforts to rebuild on a daily basis as we must answer these calls and go look for your non-essential items in a PC fashion.

Just limit your shopping to once every two weeks, buy essentials, and Stop. Fucking. Calling.

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