Woe be unto the food and retail workers of the world who have to constantly deal with the absolute WORST customers in the world: entitled, grandpa assholes. In this anonymous submission from the I, Anonymous Blog, this poor salesperson had to interact with, and almost bite their tongue clean off when the worst asshole grandpa EVARRRR walked into their store! Here's a snippet:

You came in to where I work yesterday with your wife, looking for a certain thing. You babbled on, mansplaining incoherently what *you* wanted for *her* bedroom. Your wife sheepishly whispered that she wanted "something pretty," to which you exploded β€” shoving your hand in front of her face to shut her up β€” "No! She doesn't know what she wants!" You then lumbered around the store and plunked the dumbest stuff onto the counter, while your wife kept quietly pleading, "But that's so ugly. I don't like that." You ("Greatest Generation," my butt) kept bullying her, then winking to me and commenting on how stupid your wife is.

UGHHHH!! And, you guessed it... it gets worse from there! READ THE REST HERE, and if you have an anonymous confession, rant, or complaint against asshole grandpas to get off your chest, you know where to dump it: THE I, ANONYMOUS BLOG!