Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee do the world a favor and do not serve 1/2 # hamburgers; it's too much!
A 0.33333 lb burger is the maximum weight EVER required!
I'll eat a 12 oz steak, sure, but not on a bun with cheese, bacon, radioactive-giant-turnip-squid aioli, and an onion ring.
Lots of us LOVE burgers, but not the death knell feeling we get after finishing one of these monstrosities! And then there is the environmental destructiveness of beef production—YES, a few less ounces over xxx,xxx burgers/year DOES make a difference!
I'd like to go Michael Bloomberg on the burger world! 1/3 > 1/2!
P.S. LBBs are too small. Picky, I know!