Of all the the people that comment to I,Anonymous, a really terrific idea would be to have the Portland Mercury throw a party at no cost to them, for the commenters.

Everyone brings a covered dish, labeling what it is. Spanish,Indian,Asian,French,German,African,ETC.

Wouldn't that be fun getting to meet each other? $5.oo a person to donate to our favorite charity. I'm sure we can agree on that with no problem.On the charity that is.

Playing charades would be fun. No strip poker. I'm too shy. Of course there will be speeches,slide show,maybe karaoke into wee hours. Oh what fun it could be.

The Mercury has our contact imfo, and could notify us where it can be held. They would probably have a meeting place if we clean up after. BYOB-BYOD

Let's light this candle.