You're just the fucking worst, aren't you? I mean, really, the worst. You're either a person or a company who gives absolutely no fucks about the music or it's fans. No, for you it's alllll about the almighty dollar. I didn't have access to any pre-sale tickets (I signed up for the fan club one day late, don't have VIP credit cards, etc.) and had to work when they went on sale to the public. So I had a friend of mine ready at her computer at exactly 10am the morning they went on sale to try and get a few of us the best tickets possible. You know, to treat ourselves and FINALLY see our boy JT here in the lovely Rose City. And what happens? We get ICED OUT! Because of shitbag ticket dealers and scalpers like you. You're everywhere: StubHub, Craigslist, Ebay. How are there so many of you? Is it because y'all know there are fans who will spend a months rent to see an amazing performer they've loved for, oh, 12 years? God forbid you mark up the face value by like $20. Nooooooooooo, you have to double and triple what you paid! Way to be soul sucking capitalistic pieces of garbage. I will spend any and all of my leisure time flagging your ads, and I hope other people will, too. You might win in the end, but I'm going to make it very annoying and inconvenient for all of you.

I hate you and Justin Timberlake does, too, bitches.