A Lady Who Worked at a Place
A Lady Who Worked at a Place cat & beard

Hey guys,

It's my last day as the Mercury's copy chief. SO MANY FEELINGS, but it's been a great 11 years (!?) filled with the best coworkers and experiences ever. I'm off to a new editor job at CMD, a creative agency in Northwest Portland. I'm sure as hell going to miss telling people what I was doing for work at the Merc:

• A naked man is coming over to clean my house.
• I have to make up reasons to take pictures of my slang dictionaries.
• Umm, I have to spend the night being hunted down by a serial killer in the woods.
• Well, I'm busy because I have to go to a foot fetish party.
• I'm going to creep hard on Special Agent Dale Cooper while he tries to eat lunch.
• Eternal aptronym watch!
• But the thing I'll probably miss most was my long-running "Tonight in Music" posts, where I paired a band with a cat picture depicting the band. PULITZER material, folks. Seriously.

I'm leaving you in more than capable hands with my successor—she's going to slay [although she is neither Buffy nor Bey]. I'll let Steve make that announcement.