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General Feb 10 4:00 PM


Tantalizing, Romantical Love Notes—Written by You! The Mercury Reader!

General Jan 13 10:00 PM

A Question of Dignity

Politicians Are Going After Muslim Immigrants and Syrian Refugees—Forgetting About Oregon's Shameful Treatment of Japanese Americans

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General Dec 30 7:00 AM

Things Not Invited Back in 2016

Alex Falcone's Ultimate List of Portland's Most Annoying Annoyances

General Dec 23 7:00 AM

The Winner of the Mercury's "Design a Christian Starbucks Cup" Contest!

Plus a Christ-Load of Cups from Our Runners-Up

General Nov 18 4:20 PM

Cutting Homelessness in Half

Portland's Got a New Plan to Slash Its Homelessness Crisis—But Is That Even Possible?

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General Nov 11 1:00 AM

How to Live Like a Baller in Portland

(Even if You're Not Rich!)

General Nov 4 4:20 PM

Your Guide to the Mercury's Chili Jamboree 3

It's the Annual Chili Cookoff and Music Fest!

General Oct 21 4:20 PM

Portland in 2025

Think Portland Is Different Now? Here's What Your City Could Look Like in 10 Years.

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General Sep 23 4:20 PM

You're Riding the Bus Wrong

So Stop Riding the Bus Wrong

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Finding a Place to Live

It's Possible... But Not Easy!

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Winter Is Coming

A Helpful Guide to Portland's Rainy Season!

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Bicycle Death Traps

Hey, new cyclist! Avoid these roads at all costs.

General Sep 16 4:20 PM


What Teams You Should Know, and How to Pretend to Care

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Getting Around

Navigating Portland Transportation for the Newbie

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Travel Portland

Get the Tourist Stuff Out of the Way

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

How to Apologize for Moving to Portland

A Guide to Saying You're Sorry for Fucking Up This Formerly Wonderful City with Your Presence

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

A Portlander's Pronunciation Guide

Seriously, Stop Fucking Calling It "Ore-uh-GONE"

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Portland History 101

Just the Basics—So You Don't Look Dumb

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

A Newcomers' Guide to Making Friends

Or, How to Sweat with a Bunch of People

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Hither and Thither

A Guide to Portland's Neighborhoods

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Welcome to Portland!

A Guide for the Newcomers to Town

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Lafftown PDX

Portland Has One of the Best Comedy Scenes Anywhere. Here's Where to Jump In.

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Overrated Portland

Save Yourself Time and Trouble

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Portland Myth Bustin'!

What You Think You Know About Portland Is WRONG

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Free Love

Your Guide to Portland's Free Kicks

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Love the One You're With

The Mercury's Pet Improvement Guide

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Creepin' On Dogs

How to Have a Dog Without Actually Having a Dog

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Which Pet Is Right for You?

Tracking down the perfect animal companion with a Mercury flowchart.

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Portland's Pet of the Year 2015

And the Winner Is...

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Four Paws on the Street

PAW Team: Our Pick for Portland's Pet Charity of the Year

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Magic Friends

The Mercury's Annual Pet Issue!

General Aug 5 4:20 PM

How We Got Here

There's a Reason Portland Suffers from High Rents and Lack of Housing... We Planned It That Way

General Jul 29 4:20 PM

Portland's Worst Person

Our Picks from the Mercury's "Worst Person in Portland" Essay Contest!

General Jul 15 4:20 PM

Boat Cribs!

A Photo Essay of Portlanders Who Live on the River

General Apr 29 4:20 PM

On the Waterfront

How the Waterfront Went from a Shit-Filled Disaster to Portland's Real "Living Room"

General Apr 22 4:20 PM

The Long, Hot Summer

After a Very Dry Winter, are Hotter Temperatures and a Drought in Portland's Near Future?

Books Apr 8 4:20 PM

Fugitive Dreams

From Portland's Walidah Imarisha, a New Vision for Science Fiction, Social Justice, and the Future

General Mar 25 12:10 PM

Raccoons: Nature's Monsters

... And Other Urban Demons We Should Equally Hate

General Jan 28 4:20 PM

"You're Not Elizabeth"

An Excerpt from Nick Jaina's Get It While You Can

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

How to Lift a Man Over Your Head

It's the Dream Fitness Goal of Small Women Everywhere—But Can It Be a Reality?

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Work that Pole

Pole Fitness: Not Just for Strippers Anymore!

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Pumping Neurons

The Mercury Health and Fitness Issue Builds a Better Body AND Brain

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Back Slide

Pilates Your Way to a Less Crappy Back

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Boner Juice

Bone Broth Will Fix Every Problem You've Ever Had, Maybe

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Some Like It Hot

Unlocking the Power of Sauna

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Train in Vain

This Is Your Brain on Meditation

General Jan 14 4:20 PM

Reflections on a Dirty Dog

What Was Learned and Lost Riding the Greyhound Bus