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General Feb 10 4:00 PM


Tantalizing, Romantical Love Notes—Written by You! The Mercury Reader!

General Jan 13 10:00 PM

A Question of Dignity

Politicians Are Going After Muslim Immigrants and Syrian Refugees—Forgetting About Oregon's Shameful Treatment of Japanese Americans

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General Dec 30 7:00 AM

Things Not Invited Back in 2016

Alex Falcone's Ultimate List of Portland's Most Annoying Annoyances

General Dec 23 7:00 AM

The Winner of the Mercury's "Design a Christian Starbucks Cup" Contest!

Plus a Christ-Load of Cups from Our Runners-Up

General Nov 18 4:20 PM

Cutting Homelessness in Half

Portland's Got a New Plan to Slash Its Homelessness Crisis—But Is That Even Possible?

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General Nov 11 1:00 AM

How to Live Like a Baller in Portland

(Even if You're Not Rich!)

General Nov 4 4:20 PM

Your Guide to the Mercury's Chili Jamboree 3

It's the Annual Chili Cookoff and Music Fest!

General Oct 21 4:20 PM

Portland in 2025

Think Portland Is Different Now? Here's What Your City Could Look Like in 10 Years.

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General Sep 23 4:20 PM

You're Riding the Bus Wrong

So Stop Riding the Bus Wrong

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Finding a Place to Live

It's Possible... But Not Easy!

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Winter Is Coming

A Helpful Guide to Portland's Rainy Season!

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Bicycle Death Traps

Hey, new cyclist! Avoid these roads at all costs.

General Sep 16 4:20 PM


What Teams You Should Know, and How to Pretend to Care

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Getting Around

Navigating Portland Transportation for the Newbie

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Travel Portland

Get the Tourist Stuff Out of the Way

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

How to Apologize for Moving to Portland

A Guide to Saying You're Sorry for Fucking Up This Formerly Wonderful City with Your Presence

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

A Portlander's Pronunciation Guide

Seriously, Stop Fucking Calling It "Ore-uh-GONE"

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Portland History 101

Just the Basics—So You Don't Look Dumb

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

A Newcomers' Guide to Making Friends

Or, How to Sweat with a Bunch of People

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Hither and Thither

A Guide to Portland's Neighborhoods

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Welcome to Portland!

A Guide for the Newcomers to Town

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Lafftown PDX

Portland Has One of the Best Comedy Scenes Anywhere. Here's Where to Jump In.

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Overrated Portland

Save Yourself Time and Trouble

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Portland Myth Bustin'!

What You Think You Know About Portland Is WRONG

General Sep 16 4:20 PM

Free Love

Your Guide to Portland's Free Kicks

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Love the One You're With

The Mercury's Pet Improvement Guide

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Creepin' On Dogs

How to Have a Dog Without Actually Having a Dog

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Which Pet Is Right for You?

Tracking down the perfect animal companion with a Mercury flowchart.

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Portland's Pet of the Year 2015

And the Winner Is...

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Four Paws on the Street

PAW Team: Our Pick for Portland's Pet Charity of the Year

General Aug 19 4:20 PM

Magic Friends

The Mercury's Annual Pet Issue!

General Aug 5 4:20 PM

How We Got Here

There's a Reason Portland Suffers from High Rents and Lack of Housing... We Planned It That Way

General Jul 29 4:20 PM

Portland's Worst Person

Our Picks from the Mercury's "Worst Person in Portland" Essay Contest!

General Jul 15 4:20 PM

Boat Cribs!

A Photo Essay of Portlanders Who Live on the River

General Apr 29 4:20 PM

On the Waterfront

How the Waterfront Went from a Shit-Filled Disaster to Portland's Real "Living Room"

General Apr 22 4:20 PM

The Long, Hot Summer

After a Very Dry Winter, are Hotter Temperatures and a Drought in Portland's Near Future?

Books Apr 8 4:20 PM

Fugitive Dreams

From Portland's Walidah Imarisha, a New Vision for Science Fiction, Social Justice, and the Future

General Mar 25 12:10 PM

Raccoons: Nature's Monsters

... And Other Urban Demons We Should Equally Hate

General Jan 28 4:20 PM

"You're Not Elizabeth"

An Excerpt from Nick Jaina's Get It While You Can

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

How to Lift a Man Over Your Head

It's the Dream Fitness Goal of Small Women Everywhere—But Can It Be a Reality?

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Work that Pole

Pole Fitness: Not Just for Strippers Anymore!

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Pumping Neurons

The Mercury Health and Fitness Issue Builds a Better Body AND Brain

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Back Slide

Pilates Your Way to a Less Crappy Back

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Boner Juice

Bone Broth Will Fix Every Problem You've Ever Had, Maybe

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Some Like It Hot

Unlocking the Power of Sauna

General Jan 21 4:20 PM

Train in Vain

This Is Your Brain on Meditation

General Jan 14 4:20 PM

Reflections on a Dirty Dog

What Was Learned and Lost Riding the Greyhound Bus

General Dec 31 12:00 PM

Things Not Invited Back in 2015

A Year of Terrible Things That Can Go Away Now, Thankyouverymuch

The Best (of the Worst) of I, Anonymous!

Our Picks for the Most Deranged, Funny, Despicable Rants and Confessions of 2014!

General Dec 10 4:00 PM

Start Me Up

Portland Tech Entrepreneurs Race to Design and Build the Next Big Thing

General Dec 3 4:20 PM

Catching Out

A Tale of Riding the Rails from Charles D'Ambrosio's New Book of Essays

General Nov 19 4:00 PM

A Hollow Icon

The Past and Future of Portland's Most Controversial Building

General Oct 29 4:00 PM


Wm. Steven Humphrey

General Oct 29 4:00 PM

(Somewhat) True Tales of Terror!

An Anthology of (Maybe Kinda True?) Horror Stories

General Oct 15 4:00 PM

Ello... Ello?

A New Brand of Social Network Is Vying for Your Attention. But Does It Deserve it?

General Sep 24 4:20 PM

The Forgotten Portland

How East Portland Was Born... and Ignored

General Aug 27 4:00 PM

The Best of Worst. Night. Ever!

Mercury Staffers are Sent on the Worst Assignments of their Lives... by YOU

General Aug 20 3:30 PM


The Lengths that Humans and Wiener Dogs Go

General Aug 20 3:30 PM

Portland's Hippest New Pets!

What's Next for Portland's Novelty Animal Scene?

General Aug 20 3:30 PM

Rubber Necking

DIY Pet Massage Advice from an Expert

General Aug 20 3:30 PM

Cam Do?

Cat-Cams: A Lapse in Technology

General Aug 20 3:30 PM

Pets up Trees

The Cautionary Tale of a Fallen Gray Squirrel

General Aug 20 3:30 PM


Know of a Pet in Trouble? Here's Who to Call

General Aug 20 3:30 PM

Why Can't That Be a Pet?

Unusual Pets That Are Seriously No More Ridiculous Than That Idiot Who Carries Around a Ferret

General Aug 20 3:30 PM

Kitty 911

How to Spot a Pet Emergency

General Aug 6 4:00 PM

Divorce Made Simple

No Time to Read This? Here's the Takeaway: DON'T GET MARRIED.

General Jul 23 4:00 PM

Summer Is for Skinny People

This Time of Year Is About Frivolity and Fun and Being Alive and I Hate It

General Jul 9 4:00 PM

Where the Money Goes

Think City Hall Can Cut Its Way out of a Street Fee? That Depends on How Deep You Want to Cut.

General Jul 2 4:00 PM

Stripper Economics

The Highs and Lows of Making Money While Dancing Nude

General Jun 18 4:00 PM

Tacos 'n' Tequila

Your Two Favorite Things—in One Delicious Event!

General Apr 23 1:00 PM

An Act of God... or Racism?

The Lost City of Vanport: How a Flood and Racism Changed Portland

General Apr 16 4:00 PM

Cross Me, Will Ya?!

This Weekend's Crucifixion Parade: A Cross Portland Will Have to Bear

General Apr 2 4:00 AM

The Erotica of Westeros

George R.R. Martin's Awful Sex Scenes: An Appreciation

General Apr 2 4:00 AM

Behold! It's Our Game of Thrones Issue!

Boobs! Swords! Dragons! What Else Could You Possibly Need?

General Apr 2 4:00 AM

How to Improve Your Dragons

Daenerys' Dragons Are Lame. Let's Fix That.

General Apr 2 4:00 AM

Get It Straight!

Your Guide to Season Four of Game of Thrones!

General Apr 2 4:00 AM

Books! Versus! Show!

Which Is Better: George R.R. Martin's Books, or HBO's TV Show? LET US DECIDE.

General Apr 2 4:00 AM

Spoiler: Winter Is Coming

A Treatise on Mortality in Game of Thrones

General Mar 19 4:00 AM

All Tomorrow's Bovines

The Science of Creating a Climate-Friendly Cow and Why Your Stupid Vegan Friends Might Be Right After All

General Mar 12 4:00 AM

Extra Terrestrial

New Radio Station XRAY.FM's Uphill Struggle Could Be Worth It (Or Maybe It's Just Doomed to Fail)

General Mar 5 4:00 AM

Ring of Fiber

Portland Might Get Google Fiber! Here's Everything You Need to Know.

General Feb 19 4:00 AM

The Great Floodgates of the Wonderworld

An Excerpt from Justin Hocking's New Book about Surfing, Loneliness, Girls, and... Moby-Dick

General Feb 5 4:00 AM

Crowdsourcing the Future

Shareholders Decide the Fate of Whiz Kid Jackson Gariety

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

The Ins and Outs

A Non-Believer's Juice-Cleanse Journey

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

Jazzercise or Zumba: Which Is Right for YOU?

"Neither" Isn't an Acceptable Answer

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

House of Pain

I Came to Get Down at Trampoline Aerobics

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

Hydro Therapy

How I Learned to Love the Deep End

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

A Jock in the Park

How to Work Out Like a Total Cheapskate

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

Throwing Out Junk Science

A Real Doctor Tells You How to Do Science!

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

Life Aquatic

Take a Dip

General Jan 29 4:00 AM

Multitasking the Misery

Working Out Isn't Fun—It Might as Well Be Useful