It seems that the only way for a Portland Police Officer (or Mayor) not to get a DUI; is to get pulled over by the Portland Police.

I guess their immunity ends at the city limits.
No professional courtesy extended to them in Washington, eh?

Maybe more of them should consider living in the city that employs them.
wow! does it get any better? major SMACKDOWN Day at PPB! Bet a lot of blue trousers are soiled and brown-stained today! ha-ha-ha such is life in the Big City and it's bound to be a Tough Titty for some of these right-wing hayseeds that have long over-dominated PPB/PPA! Smell the coffee kop kidz!!!
hmmm lets look in the crystal ball on this one, 8 months from now some arbitrator will give him back his job plus back pay. This is being timed to defuse anger about the union being powerful enough to keep murderous cops on the job during the negotiations and once they are over it will be back to business as usual.
unfortunately, I think econoline is correct....and Bad Robot is an idiot. Frashour will get his job back, though he might also be found liable for a whopping 2-week suspension. And the city will pay-out hundreds of thousands in legal fees because our own police fuck us, and make us lube them up.

Dammit, I want a reach-around!
Oh Brobot, how I've missed your fecalphilia.
Fox News alluded to "officer" Shadron's hit and run with eye witness interviews. It's unfortunate the Mercury is only publishing PIO's statements. Mr. Shadron should extend us the "professional courtesy" of resigning from public safety, as it is clearly not something he gives a rodent's patooty about. He needs treatment for his alcoholism and a forced career change.

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