I met a guy on OKC and we dated for a while. At first he said he lived in Portland, but actually live north of Vancouver, WA. Small lie, but he was nice, albeit strange. Then he started to go crazy; talking about the barrel of a gun looking mighty tasty, questioning the loyalty of his family. Then he went bat shit crazy!!! He was against circumcision and anyone who disagreed with him was a rapist. He would go on tirades about how he was raped as a child because he was circumcised and how he wanted to "actively restore" his foreskin. He also claimed that male circumcision is the same thing as female genital mutilation - it is NOT!!! He also claimed he could remember his circumcision and was "emotionally traumatized" by it.

When we broke up he took to facebook to rant his aggression and told everyone he "got dumped" because of his stern beliefs. Then he sent me a message stating that if I am soooo pro circumcision (as in not anti, so therefore pro), then I should have no problem cutting my lips off if I didn't want to brush my teeth, or that I should cut my ears off if I didn't want to wash behind them, blah blah blah. Crazy.