The I, Anonymous Blog is a great way to unleash your anonymous rants and confessions on a helpless world. And sometimes it's also a great place to receive a warning about potential bluetooth embarassments! For example, check out this anonymous submission titled, "Snowstorm Bluetooth."

Haw! You dipped out to warm up your car and your Bluetooth must have connected because you went back inside your house and proceeded to view porn as your car stereo was on full blast. This went on for almost a minute before you realized it. Now in the neighborhood we all know about the wanker on the go! Hey pervo, here’s a tip; disconnect phone before you connect hand to pecker.

While I can't get behind this person's need to porn-shame, I also can't get behind the wanker's need to contribute to global warming by running his car while wanking! THERE IS A LOT TO THINK ABOUT HERE. In fact, there's a lot to think about in nearly all of the submissions on the I, Anonymous Blog—so why don't you give us something to think about by submitting your confession or rant today? If it's interesting enough, it could be featured in the print edition of the Mercury or in the live monthly I, Anonymous Show which is sooooo hilarious! (Want to catch up on past editions of the I, Anonymous Podcast? Download 'em here!)