Dearest (Mexican) Neighbor, oh how I dislike you, but not because of your race, no. Race has nothing to do with it; your utter lack of respect for other people does. My only weird feeling about this all is how you fit every fucking stereotype to a tee. I tried talking, telling you to turn down that Ranchero music, but when I found out that didn't work with you, I tried yelling when one of the many tenants decided it was a good idea to do donuts in the street at 2 in the morning. I ran out in a sleepy haze to tell him off, but the glazed-over look in his eyes conveyed a complete lack of understanding; it seemed as if he just didn't understand why I would be so upset. The garbage strewn about your yard and yet the male tenants meticulously cleaning their trucks for hours on end. No child car seats, no bike helmets, pouring a variety of liquids into the storm drain in front of your house, staring at neighbors like you have absolutely no shame... the list goes on and they're ALL STEREOTYPES! How can this be? Talking does not work, so my only other options are to call the City, INS, the police, or just move to another neighborhood. I think I'll choose the latter... you can have this block; I'm fucking moving.