Milo Dropped by Simon & Schuster (Like a Cuck)

News FlashL Medium Talent Gay Blogger loses book deal
News Flash: Medium Talent Gay Blogger loses book deal

Bummer, man.


Big Little Lies is Unapologetically About Women

At last! Adult women in a show that isnt about sex robots!
At last! Adult women in a show that isn't about sex robots! HBO

Last year, I watched Game of Thrones by asking a friend each Monday morning what horrors had been visited upon the show’s women characters the evening before. Based on her report, I decided whether I'd continue to watch.

Behold the embarrassing price of admission for prestige television: If you want to see a smart, complicated lady, hope you’re cool with a side of sexual violence and general debasement.

Since November, I haven't had the patience for it. I didn't even try with Westworld. I'm no longer interested in TV that promises me complex women characters in a plot seemingly constructed by 14-year-old boys. So when I found out HBO was adapting Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies, I was READY.

It should come as no surprise that Big Little Lies, which stars Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley as moms in a fancy beach community where a MYSTERY IS AFOOT, is not based on literary fiction. Moriarty isn’t a tremendous prose stylist (neither is George R.R. Martin, sorry). Big Little Lies the book is overlong by about 200 pages and has a lollipop on the cover.

It also happens to be genre fiction at its best.

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Portland Mercury's Highball Drink Recipes Are Here: Dig A Pony, Dot's Cafe, Double Barrel Tavern

It’s almost time for... HIGHBALL!

Brace yourself for over 40 specially crafted cocktails… for only $5 each!

All of the tantalizing drink recipes are available online! Check out what your favorite neighborhood bars and restaurants have in store for you March 6-12 HERE!

For a full list of participating bars and restaurants and more information check here.

Here's a few teaser cocktails...

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Clipping.'s PhD Level, Post-Gangsta Anecdotes


LOS ANGELES trio clipping. are the latest anomalous group recording for that unlikely incubator of outsider hip-hop, Sub Pop. As home to intergalactic explorers Shabazz Palaces, South African "Township Tech" artist Spoek Mathambo, and the now-defunct astral soul sisters THEESatisfaction, the Seattle label best known as grunge champions in the 1990s and for nuanced indie rock in the 2000s has also nurtured adventurous rap artists during the past decade. To date, Sub Pop has released two clipping. albums, providing a substantial platform for music that colors way outside the lines of modern hiphop.

On 2016's Splendor & Misery and 2014's CLPPNG, producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson fuse rugged, abstract beats with the sort of sculpted noise and bizarre percussion timbres that sound more like the domain of avant-garde alienators than of RZA and J Dilla disciples or Metro Boomin. MC Daveed Diggs—who's won Grammy and Tony Awards for his work in the popular musical Hamilton—spits verses that encompass turbulent street life and robust, youngblood horniness, although bolstered by an undercurrent of existentialism. Post-gangsta anecdotes told at a PhD level, in a sense.

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Cops and Protesters are Clashing at Portland's #NotMyPresidentsDay Protest

Anti-Trump demonstrators protest downtown on Monday.
Anti-Trump demonstrators protest downtown on Monday. Doug Brown

A relatively small group of people protesting Donald Trump on this President's Day has been met with a forceful response from the Portland Police Bureau.

The Mercury's Doug Brown reports police have cracked down on a Don't Shoot Portland-organized #NotMyPresidentsDay protest in front of the federal building in downtown Portland. The event, with roughly 100 demonstrators, is smaller than most protests we've seen since Trump won the White House in November. But it's drawn a notably stern response from police, who've arrested people not just for blocking roads, but on the sidewalks, and deployed crowd control devices, according to Doug.

Here's a rundown.

The clash comes as members of Don't Shoot Portland's leadership have expressed concern over the recent police shooting of a black 17-year-old, and cast doubt that the incident would be investigated fairly. According to cops, a Portland police officer shot Quanice Hayes on February 9 after encountering the teen while investigating a robbery. Police say Hayes had a "replica" handgun at the time, though the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain opaque.

Update: As of 12:45 pm, the demonstrators had met up with another group at Director Park. Now with larger numbers, they're marching through the streets.


The Walking Dead Recap: The Enemy of My Enemy is Kinda Weird

Hey! Did you watch last night's episode of The Walking Dead? Yes? WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THOSE NEW ODDBALLS (who I'm calling the "Garbage Pail Kids")? Let's chat about them, and frankly, anything else you want to chitty-chat about, after the jump. Spoilers ahoy!

Look. Take your Girl Scout cookies and get the FAWK outta here!
"Look. Take your Girl Scout cookies and get the FAWK outta here!" Courtesy AMC

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Don't Miss the I, Anonymous Show...TONIGHT!!


America loves two things: freedom, and the Portland Mercury’s monthly I, Anonymous Show at the Secret Society! Now more than ever, America needs a place to post their furious rants and most secret confessions—anonymously. And that’s where the Mercury’s I, Anonymous column comes in! It’s a great place to vent, scream, and purge your filthy soul of all your sins, without anyone knowing it’s you!

But the I, Anonymous Show goes one better: Hilariously fabulous host Bri Pruett picks the finest, most startling I, Anonymous submissions, and after reading them aloud, digs deep into each one with help from a terrific panel of the best comic minds Portland has to offer. Tonight, Bri will be joined by the veeeeery funny Derek Sheen, Lucia Fasano, and Marcus Coleman, who will all share their very opinionated opinions!

And this episode is particularly special, because it is the last I, Anonymous Show to be hosted by our beloved Bri Pruett before she moves away. (Tears, get back inside those eyeballs!) But don’t worry, the I, Anonymous Show will go on! Find out more at the February edition of the funniest, craziest, most honest comedy show in town...


TONIGHT, February 20
7:30 pm
The Secret Society, 116 NE Russell
$10 adv (at, $15 door

Milo Yiannopoulos: Girls Are In Danger When Adult Trans Women Use Public Toilets But 13-Year-Old Boys Can Benefit From Giving Head To Adult Males


Milo Yiannopoulos was on Real Time on Friday night, where he justified his history of harassing trans women by claiming he's protecting women and girls from sexual predators. Here's Yiannopoulos doing his stepin-felch-it routine during the Overtime segment:

MAHER: [Reading a question submitted by a viewer.] "Why did you single out a transgender student for ridicule during a recent speech you made on her campus?" Did you do that?

YIANNOPOULOS: Well, yes. First of all, wasn't a student. He had already left the university. And I make no apologies for protecting women and children from men who are confused about their sexuality identity... I misgendered this person.

MAHER: I'm confused about who this is, because pronouns are so important. If you call Caitlin Jenner a "he" you're a bad person — 

YIANNOPOULOS: No, I did it on purpose. I misgendered this person.

MAHER: So this is a man, born a man, who wants — 

YIANNOPOULOS: Who thinks he might be a girl.

MAHER: And you have a problem with that?

YIANNOPOULOS: No, I don't have a problem with it. But I think that women and girls should be protected from having men who are confused about their sexual identities in their bathrooms.

MAHER: That's not unreasonable.

I'm sorry, Bill, but that's not reasonable—it's the textbook definition of unreason. It's a lie and a dangerous one, as I unpacked in this post:

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Win Tickets to PIFF After Dark's Screening of The Autopsy of Jane Doe!


We're in the midst of the Portland International Film Festival (read Andrew Wright's festival preview here!), which means we're also in the midst of PIFF After Dark—the late-night subsection of PIFF where the festival's more inventive and interesting movies live. And thanks to the NW Film Center, we're giving away a couple of tickets to one of this weekend's PIFF After Dark screenings!

That screening? Director André Øvredal's The Autopsy of Jane Doe, which screens this Friday, February 25, at 10:30 pm at the Bagdad Theater. Øvredal is the same guy who directed Troll Hunter, and this won the "Best Horror" award at Fantasy Fest, and if that's not enough to get you excited, here's this:

Want to win a pair of tickets? Email me no later than 3 pm today (Monday, February 20), and make sure your subject line is "SPEED RACER." I'll pick a winner at 3 and email them back. That's it! Have at.

"Not My Presidents" Day Marches and Events


Here are three events you may want to take part in today for President's (or more aptly, #NotMyPresidents) Day.

We the People: Marching United in Resistance & Be Heard, Be Indivisible #NotMyPresidentsDay Protests

What better way to counter celebrations of President’s Day than to use a clever hashtag and stand up together in solidarity? Exercise that First Amendment right by participating in a statewide day for protest. Two marches will be occurring simultaneously, one led by Oregon’s Union Movement and another by Don’t Shoot Portland, though there’s no word yet if they plan to combine marches. Oregon’s Union Movement at Director Park, 815 SW Park, noon–4 pm, free; Don’t Shoot Portland at Edith Green–Wendell Wyatt Federal Building, 1220 SW 3rd, 11 am, free

Not My President’s Day – Bloc[k] Party

Philanthropically roam the Water Avenue Commerce Center and sample fare from a slew of Portland’s favorite chefs and spirit makers for the first installation of a soon-to-be recurring fundraising event known as #DeliciousResistance. Kate McMillen of Loretta Jean’s, Earl Ninsom of Hat Yai, and Angel Teta of Ataula are just a few of the noteworthy culinary community members who will attend and share their gifts in gastronomy. Those who can afford to drop the pair of Tubmans on the evening will rest easy with full bellies and the knowledge that 100 percent of ticket sales go directly to Planned Parenthood. Water Avenue Commerce Center, 1028 SE Water, 8:30–11:30 pm, $40

The Beer Party PDX Launch Event

A grassroots organization of Portland beer industry leaders known as The Beer Party PDX present their first fundraising event to coincide with President's Day. The event is intended to increase awareness of civil rights issues and will raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Participating bars include Bailey's Taproom, Bazi Bierbrasserie, The BeerMongers, Belmont Station, Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom, Lombard House, Roscoe's, Saraveza, The Thirsty Sasquatch, The Upper Lip, Tin Bucket, and Uptown Market.

Click here for more info on the cause, as well as a detailed list of the beers being poured for the fundraiser. Various locations, noon, more info here.

Good Morning, News: Happy "Not My President" Day!

Scott Olson / Getty

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Who are you to call my cell? Oh I'ma wish you well, 'cause any girl that tried has fell. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY—it's unfortunate that we have a shitty one right now. There's a "We the People: Marching United in Resistance" march and rally today starting at noon in Director's Park (see the Mercury's Resistance & Solidarity calendar for more events today).

Meanwhile there are several "Not My President" protests going on in major cities across the country today. Follow along with those here.

This is a bit of a complicated story, but could be another major step in linking Trump and his suspected collusion with the Russians. Take special note of the name Felix H. Sater who worked on some reportedly sketchy deals with Trump in the past, and is now reportedly brokering a deal for the Russians in which sanctions against them might be lifted. Check out this story from Talking Points Memo for more background.

Senators are getting increasingly suspicious of Trump's possible collusion with the Russians and have told various agencies to keep any and all letters pertaining to the subject for a possible investigation.

After Trump proclaimed on Friday that the news media was the "enemy of the American people," Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was thrown to the Sunday talk show circuit wolves—and had his ass chewed off the most by Chris Wallace of Fox News. (If Trump can't trust his Fox and friends, who can he trust?!?)

Senator John McCain has emerged as Trump's number one Republican critic, arguing against the president's racist policies and his hatred of a free press. (He still seems to be voting along Republican lines though, so don't fall too deeply in love.)

A brand new Trump proposal will take an aggressive stance on detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants immediately if not sooner.

What happens to a senior National Security Council adviser who disagrees with President Trump? He gets immediately demoted.

During Trump's "Please Love Me!" rally in Florida, he made reference to a supposed event in Sweden that supposedly happened on Friday that he seemed to infer was terrorism, but nobody knows because nothing really happened in Sweden on Friday. Apparently the prez heard some weird conspiracy theory on Fox, and took it to be the truth. SIGH.

More trouble for Uber, who is now on the receiving end of sexual harassment claims.


Hundreds gathered yesterday outside the state capitol in Salem to protest Trump's racist immigration policies.

Professional women's soccer legend Abby Wambaugh (until recently a native of Portland) is engaged to marry Christian blogger Glennon Doyle Melton (who actually seems pretty cool). Congrats you two!

A Northeast Portland toddler who went missing yesterday has been found, but is currently in protective custody pending a court hearing.

Now let's investigate the WEATHER: Lots of rain today with a high of 49 degrees.

And finally, it's a battle to the death between an octopus and a crab, so... WHO YA GOT?!? (Actually, in the surprising climax, the ending isn't fair... like at all.)

Portland Mercury's Highball Drink Recipes Are Here: Clinton Street Pub, Conquistador, and Crow bar

It’s almost time for... HIGHBALL!

Brace yourself for over 40 specially crafted cocktails… for only $5 each!

As of today, all of the tantalizing drink recipes are available online! Check out what your favorite neighborhood bars and restaurants have in store for you March 6-12 HERE!

For a full list of participating bars and restaurants and more information check here.

Here's a few teaser cocktails...

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Portland Mercury's Highball Drink Recipes Are Here: Bit House Saloon, Bota Bar, and Brix Tavern

It’s almost time for... HIGHBALL!

Brace yourself for over 40 specially crafted cocktails… for only $5 each!

As of today, all of the tantalizing drink recipes are available online! Check out what your favorite neighborhood bars and restaurants have in store for you March 6-12 HERE!

For a full list of participating bars and restaurants and more information check here.

Here's a few teaser cocktails...

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Ah, Time for a Nice Relaxing Bath OH JESUS GOD NO


We're living in a golden age of horror movies that we’re not allowed to call horror movies. Crimson Peak was a “gothic romance.” The Witch was... whatever The Witch was. While the trailers seemed intent to sell those films as horror, neither functioned very well if you went into the theater with conventional genre expectations. And while I usually find that sort of categorical groundskeeping pretty obnoxious (and I’m pretty sure The Witch WAS a horror movie), I’m here to tell you that—no matter how it may first appear—A Cure for Wellness is not a horror movie.

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The Beer Party Launches with ACLU Fundraiser on President’s Day


A grassroots organization of Portland beer industry leaders is debuting this Monday with a launch event that serves as a fundraising for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Coinciding with President’s Day, Monday’s event features a keg—sometimes two—from breweries around Portland and beyond at 12 different beer bars around town and all proceeds will benefit the ACLU.

The Beer Party PDX’s stated mission is “to organize members of the Portland beer community in order to effectively protect and promote basic civil rights including voter access, freedom of speech, and equal rights.” The founding members include bar and brewery owners, brewers, business consultants, and writers. (Disclosure: this writer is a founding member).

The nearly comprehensive* list of the dozen beer bars involved in the Beer Party PDX Launch Event and the beers they’ll pour for this fundraiser are as follows:

Bailey’s Taproom: Pfriem Family Brewers Citrus Zest IPA.
Bazi Bierbrasserie: Heater Allen Märzen.
BeerMongers: Double Mountain Gypsy Stumper IPA.
Belmont Station: Coalition Space Fruit IPA.
Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom: from around Washington, Loowit (Experimental Hop IPA #8), Machine House, Three Magnets (Stout & Proud), Urban Family (Magnolia Redux dry-hopped saison), Woodland Empire (Set Em Wild Set Em Free beet Berliner Weisse); from Boise’s Crooked Fence, Hither Coffee Brown Ale; from Eugene’s Ninkasi, Helles Belles Lager and Believer Double Red; and from Portland's own Ruse, Vernacular IPA.
Lombard House: Ecliptic “Orange Giant” barleywine & The Commons Urban Farmhouse.
Loyal Legion: Baerlic 80 Bob Scottish Ale.
Roscoe’s: Vertigo Madagascar Vanilla Porter & a beer from Uptown Market.
Saraveza Tavern: a beer from Montavilla Brew Works.
The Thirsty Sasquatch (Vancouver): a beer from Base Camp Brewing.
Tin Bucket: a beer from New Belgium.
The Upper Lip: Culmination Urizen Pale Ale.
Uptown Market: beers from Matchless and Ruse Brewing.

*Specific beers are subject to change and some bars may have more than one keg designated as a Beer Party fundraiser beer. To wit, other breweries and cideries supporting this launch include Bull Run Cider, Cider Riot!, Swift Cider, Burnside and Fort George.

This is the first of many planned events with the intent of garnering attention for civil rights issues and increasing participation and action on local, statewide, and national levels. If you, dear reader, would like to participate in a future event, or want to inquire about becoming a member of Beer Party PDX or hosting a Beer Party event, email at