The Bundy Brothers Were Just Ruled Not Guilty


It's official: Ammon Bundy and six others have been acquitted of charges linked to the nearly six week-long armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon earlier this year.

From the New York Times:

Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five of their followers, charged in the armed takeover of a federally owned Oregon wildlife sanctuary in January, were acquitted Thursday of federal conspiracy and weapons charges.

The verdict brings to a close a case that gripped the nation earlier this year with its public debate about government powers, public lands and constitutional rights.

And from NPR:

A jury has found all seven defendants not guilty of conspiracy and firearms charges linked to an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon earlier this year.

The defendants included brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the alleged leaders of the occupation that lasted nearly six weeks. They and five others were exonerated on the charges of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

If you have further questions, check out our "Ask a Militia Patriot Occupying a Federal Bird Sanctuary" column!

After Stalemate, Portland Police Chief Changes Mind, Sides With Oversight Board In Discipline Case


After Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman disagreed Wednesday night with the civilian panel that unanimously concluded a Portland cop acted unprofessionally when he insulted an attorney in 2015, and the panel wouldn't back down to Marshman, it looked like Portland City Council would have the final say in a police oversight case for the first time in 13 years.

But, like then-Interim Police Chief Donna Henderson in June, Marshman reversed course, avoiding the rare city council showdown and putting an end to the drawn-out case. An officer will face discipline for saying a lawyer "must not be a very good attorney" when she attempted to help a woman they were arresting.

The Citizen Review Committee (CRC) is the civilian oversight group that, among other duties, hears appeals from people unhappy with how the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) handled their complaints and rules whether the determination could have been made by a "reasonable" person. In June, it sided with Portland resident and Marion County public defender Sara Foroshani on two of her complaints against the bureau (you should read this Oregonian story from that meeting to get up to speed).

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Chelsea Cain Responds to Sexist Harassment on Twitter: "It Nurtures a Culture of Bullying"

The image that launched a thousand trash monsters.
The image that launched a thousand trash monsters. Marvel

Here's a story I'm sick of hearing: A person did a cool thing, and they were rewarded with online abuse from the richest cesspools of Twitter and Reddit so they chose to disengage from social media for their own sanity.

We've heard this story too many times. There are the cases of extreme online abuse we saw leveled at critic Anita Sarkeesian (slammed for having a master's degree and opinions, I guess) and comedian and actor Leslie Jones (yeah, tell me your discomfort with the new Ghostbusters ~*isn't about gender*~). Those are the worst cases, but for most of us, it's a steady stream of annoying little digs from strangers who hate-read our Hillary Clinton articles, or whatever the fuck, and feel the need to neg us on social media. Most women writers I know, no matter what they write about, deal with some trash monster stinking up their mentions at some point in time. It's a classic case of normal but not okay. And this week, it happened to local mystery writer Chelsea Cain on a larger than usual scale, over the cover of her latest Mockingbird comic, because it features Mockingbird wearing a T-shirt that reads "ASK ME ABOUT MY FEMINIST AGENDA."

Today, Cain posted a statement on her website about what happened. I'm posting it in full after the jump (a) because I'd rather not contribute to the People Saying Things About Chelsea Cain Who Are Not Chelsea Cain clusterfuck, and (b) because when people deal with sexist harassment online, WE SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM.

Here you go:

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Saraveza's Humble Kitchen Opens

Ever since Sarah Pederson opened Saraveza in October 2008, it has been a spot for three things: hop heads, cheese heads (Pederson is a Wisconsin native; it’s a Packers bar) and pasties. Not the kind of pasties you find at strip clubs of yore but the Cornish inspiration for the bane of Jim Gaffigan’s existence, Hot Pockets. Eight years later, much is the same in the awesomest sense, but now Saraveza boasts a proper kitchen. Oh, the hearty pasties remain in order to aptly soak up a few frosted mugs of Breakside Wisco, the hoppier than thine cream ales, but now... now there are fried cheese curds.

courtesy: Saraveza

I’ve only been to Wisconsin once in my life, but you betcha I feasted on cheese curds both fresh and fried. And the ones Saraveza chef Dustin Gettmann fries up in the pub’s new deep fryer are the gut-bomb. Tender. Melty. Golden. Salty. And while the spicy ketchup they’re served with offends my West Coast sensibilities, they would go great with a spicy beer, such as the kind that’ll be tapped at the upcoming return of Fire and Brimstone (Sat Nov 12), a fiesta of smoked and/or chili cervezas.

Gettmann worked at Saraveza back when it opened. Then he went on something of a walkabout, or rather a ride-about, having pedaled his way through lands and kitchens coast to coast and overseas. But the Pacific Northwest beckoned, and when he returned, he manned the kitchen at pFriem Family Brewers in Hood River—one of the finest brewpub menus in Oregon anywhere. When memories of veggie bowls haunt you, you know it’s good.

And now there are veggies at Saraveza. I mean, perhaps not super healthy ones—the butter lettuce salad’s topped with bacon bits, the radicchio salad’s calorically dressed, and the cauliflower makes like the curds in that it’s fried, too—but when aficionados tell themselves beer is salad “because hops,” it’s all well and good.

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Haven't Voted for City Commissioner Yet? Watch This Debate on Housing


Last Friday, the Merc and a bunch of other local groups (Portland Tenants United, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Know Your City, the Portland Right to the City Coalition, and KBOO) hosted a debate between City Commissioner Steve Novick and bookstore owner Chloe Eudaly, who have been battling it out in a runoff for Novick's city council seat.

The topic was housing, and I think it went well—at very least, it delved deeper into the housing and homelessness crisis Portland is facing than any other public event I've seen. It was also a chance for voters to get better acquainted with Eudaly and Novick, since the City Club of Portland weirdly opted not to have them in for one of its Friday Forums.

Anyway, if you care about housing and homelessness (you do) this recording of the event is probably worth your time.

Check it out.

Don't Have a COW

THE ORB Weirdest zodiac sign ever.
THE ORB Weirdest zodiac sign ever. MAX ZERRAHN

A UNIQUE RESPONSE to the massive political, social, and environmental upheaval happening around the globe has been the resurgence of music’s tranquil side. New age sounds are back in vogue, thanks to labels like RVNG and Leaving Records. There’s been a swell of ambient music arriving from all corners of the electronic music map, including a new album by one of the most prolific and consistent artists in the game, the Orb.

“There seems to be some kind of collective thing going on,” remarks Alex Paterson, the co-founder and sole original member that’s still active in this long-evolving project. “We’re all very much trying to chill the world out at the moment.”

That is, in fact, the direct plea of the English group’s 14th studio album, COW/Chill Out World! (“I think the acronym is better than the other title. Bit of the old moo,” Paterson cracks.) Recorded in the abbreviated time frame of about six months, the record is as strong as anything the Orb has created in its nearly 30-year history. The mood is as enveloping and untouchable as a fog bank, with field-recorded sounds, oddball samples, and gently undulating beats combining to evoke the blissful tang of a contact high.

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Robert Langdon Is No David S. Pumpkins


Tom Hanks is Our Greatest Living Actor. This is nowhere more evident than in Sir Hanks’ latest and most triumphant role, a man of international intrigue, dashing panache, and unparalleled heroism—David S. Pumpkins, the character Lord Thomas of Hanks brilliantly portrayed on last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

David S. Pumpkins does not appear in Inferno.

Instead, we get Robert Langdon, the Harvard professor of “symbology” who appeared in two previous movies, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. All three are based on unfathomably popular books by Dan Brown, and four out of five Americans have done the following: bought a copy in an airport bookstore, read it to page 30, fallen asleep, and left it behind on the plane. Discarded copies of Brown’s literary oeuvre were the primary building material used in the construction of JFK’s giant, sparkling, new Terminal 4.

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Today in Third-Party Candidates

Jill Stein, hypocrite:

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has largely based her campaign on her uncompromising positions on the environment, opposition to big banks and Wall Street, defense contractors, and the pharmaceutical industry. But an analysis of her financial disclosures, which she was required to file as a presidential candidate, show she is heavily invested in the very industries that she maligns the most and as a result of her investments, she has built significant wealth.

The Daily Beast did some digging and discovered that Stein and her husband are heavily invested in fossil fuels, big pharma, tobacco companies, giant banks, and defense contractors. Back to the Daily Beast...

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Things To Do Tonight!

The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Following a murder in a remote Washington State town populated by lovable weirdoes and fishes in percolators, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks redefined what wonders we could expect from TV. Now Frost shares new town secrets in The Secret History of Twin Peaks, which belongs on your bookshelf beside the newly reissued Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. MEGAN BURBANK
Powell's City of Books, 7:30pm

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Tonight at Powell's Cedar Hills: Nick Offerman, and Also Wood


A while ago I was watching This Old House (as I do, religiously, fun fact you almost certainly did not know about how I spend my free time) and Nick Offerman popped up on it, and I lost my shit. It was like seeing all the Avengers together onscreen at once, or like when Sean Connery popped up at the end of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I had known that Offerman—best known for playing Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec—was into woodworking, but I did not know how into it he was, as demonstrated in this sequence, in which all the This Old House guys charmingly, awkwardly attempt to be funny while Offerman actually is funny:

The "What Is It?" sequence has never been my favorite element of This Old House, but it is fine, I guess. If Offerman was on this sequence every week I would feel less grumpy when it came on and disrupted the other, better parts of This Old House*.

Even better than the oar-related clip above, however, is Offerman getting real and talking about why woodworking matters. So does knitting! And lasagna! And old people! They matter too.

All of these things are true.**

I tell you all of this because tonight, Offerman is at Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, reading from his woodworking book Good Clean Fun, and there is no way—no way—that it is not going to be delightful and educational and make you want to make things. There is no way, basically, that it's not going to be a good use of your time.

*I am aware that "What Is It?" is, technically, a sequence not on This Old House but rather on This Old House spinoff Ask This Old House, which has a more informal tone, a Q&A-style format, and does not feature beloved Master Carpenter Norm Abram. But as both of these shows otherwise share stars and subject matter, I think it's fair to basically talk about them the same way—as separate but inextricably linked worlds in the This Old House Universe.

**As far as I can tell, at least. For several summers as a dumb teenager I worked (poorly) as a gofer on construction sites, cutting and pouring and framing and painting and drywalling and hammering and generally putting myself in positions where I was primed to lose a finger or break a leg; this translated, eventually, into marginal construction and handyman skills which, as a studio apartment dweller, I miss being able to put to (poor) use. Do you need something done to your house? Let me know! I will help.***

***If we are friends. If you are just an internet stranger you should ask Ask This Old House.

Ted Douglass, of the "Daria, Mitch & Ted Show" at the Buzz, Has Been Laid Off

Mitch, Daria, and Ted (Teds on the left)
Mitch, Daria, and Ted (Ted's on the left) Courtesy MD&T Facebook fan page

The radio business is a grisly one, with personalities coming and going at a rapid pace. However, one long time and beloved personality has been surprisingly laid off from 105.1 the Buzz—Ted Douglass of the popular "Daria, Mitch & Ted" afternoon drive-time show.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, the trio has hands-down the best talk drive-time radio show, chocked full of pop-culture news and comedy. It's smart, funny, and compared to the many jackassy, guffawing loudmouths that are on the air (and cause many to turn the station as quickly as possible), it's one of the few shows that is actually interesting and fun. And Ted was a huge part of that, armed with a quick wit, great improv skills, and an encyclopedic pop culture mind. Ted is a fine improviser and actor (I've worked with him on a few productions, including the currently running The Lost Boys-Live!) and his presence will surely be missed.

If you're a big "Daria, Mitch & Ted" fan and are unhappy to see the band broken up by 105.1 management, you could always submit your (respectful) disagreement with their decision here.

Pussy Riot Shares Harrowing "Make America Great Again" Music Video Months After Warning Portland About Trump

This morning Pussy Riot released a new music video for "Make America Great Again"—a deeply unsettling depiction of what a Trump presidency could look like. This follows two other videos the Russian feminist collective has released this week, "Straight Outta Vagina" and "Organs."

"Straight Outta Vagina" humorously rails against men's disassociation from vaginas: "Don't play stupid, don't play dumb/Vagina's where you're really from." But its caption warns of the danger in presidential candidate Donald Trump's horrendous rhetoric surrounding women's bodies: "The owner of vaginas is not some narcissistic stupid orange ape who’d claim that he could easily grab women by their pussies. The owner of vagina is a woman."

"Organs" is far more sinister; Nadya Tolokno sits in a bathtub filled with blood as she sings in Russian about all the promises Putin made, but laments that "Freedom and bondage is the same shit now." The caption describes potential consequences of a Trump presidency: "They could close all independent media outlets. And they could control your body and sexuality. They could try to swallow your vitality and creativity."

But "Make America Great Again" is by far the most horrific and ominous of the three. Here Pussy Riot imagines a post-election America under Trump, where the media is reduced to the "Trump News Network" and protests are met with violent silencing. Those who fall out of line with Trump's great American ideal are branded with phrases like "outsider," "fat pig," and "she made an abortion." Between Tolokno's screams as she's brutalized by police, she sings, "Let other people in/Listen to your women/Stop killing black children/Make America great again."

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reach Out & DM Someone

I feel like asking a non partial third party is my best option as you are likely to be brief and to the point and disapproval won't hurt my feelings as much coming from a stranger as opposed to my sister or a friend.

Here's my query: I went through a breakup back in July. I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to get back out there, but they say if you wait until you're ready you'll never do it. I've had success with Tinder twice before (it's where I met my two previous boyfriends). So I figured, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The relationships didn't work out, but not because of where I met them, obviously. So I was swiping and landed on a guy named Sam. He's 31, attractive, employed, and actually had a written bio (which was tongue-in-cheek and funny). He had his Instagram linked to his profile so I perused that as well. (No harm in that if he has it up there, right?) I was getting ready to swipe right and my phone glitched or froze or something and his profile vanished. Usually, I would say oh well and just move on, but I still had his Instagram pulled up. He seems like an interesting guy that I would like to chat with.

Long story short (I'm terrible at getting to the point!) would it be weird to DM him on Instagram? And if it's not weird, what would I say to break the ice?

Thanks So Much

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I, Anonymous: The Best and Worst of Portland

Kalah Allen

TO THE 20 OR 30 people who walked by a man sobbing uncontrollably and screaming for his life in the middle of the Burnside Bridge, you suck. You ignored the rope tied around his neck. You pretended not to hear him crying and screaming that he wanted to die. That he wanted to jump. That he tried to hang himself. And to the 10 or 15 people who pretended they didn’t see anything as I was trying to help, you are pieces of shit. You had to step over my bag and his belongings. You had to avoid eye contact with my dog. Go home and vote for Trump, you soulless pieces of shit. To the jogger who grabbed the man off of the railing while I was calling 911, and then hugged the bawling man and told him it will be okay, you are a saint. You hugged him for five solid minutes until the EMTs showed up. He was crying uncontrollably. He smelled bad. He tried to climb the railing again. He was screaming. You didn’t let go. You are amazing. Thank you. The rest of you spineless bastards can suck a fuck.—Anonymous

If you are a person who is contemplating self-harm or suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You deserve to have a person listen to you. You are worthy of being heard.

Submit your confessions and rants to the I, Anonymous Blog here.

Good Morning, News: More Bullseye Glass Pollution, Terminal 1, and a "Stolen" Subaru

Good morning, Portland. These links are good and you should click them.

Dominic Devenuta

Bullseye Glass may have polluted groundwater, too: "Stormwater runoff from the Southeast Portland glassmaker’s roof contained levels of five hazardous heavy metals as much as 33 times the federal maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for publicly supplied water, according to data obtained by the Mercury. Experts say the polluted water might have made its way into the area’s groundwater."

In August, Russell Courtier mowed down 19-year-old Larnell Bruce with his car in Gresham after a fight. The Mercury exposed Courtier as a white supremacist gang member, and he was later indicted on additional hate crime counts. In this week's paper, we found Courtier was let off the hook for a violent assault 11 months before he's accused of killing Bruce:

On the same day Gresham police forwarded the case against Courtier for the beat down, court records show Multnomah County prosecutors dropped the assault charges. Five days later, however, parole records say Courtier “admitted the allegations” to his parole officer and “accepted the sanction” for parole violations—both because he’d been drinking and because he didn’t “obey all laws.” For the violent attack, Courtier got 12 days in jail followed by 60 days with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

Terminal 1 is no longer a potential option for a homeless shelter, we found out yesterday. "It became clear on Monday afternoon, not long after Homer Williams and his colleagues had finally sent along a proposal to create a homeless shelter at Terminal 1: After months of planning, hundreds of thousands of dollars raised, and disagreements that reverberated through both the Portland City Council and the city's social services community, the Terminal 1 idea was dead."

Surfer Joseph Tanner was bitten by a shark off the Oregon coast a few weeks back. He spoke to the press at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where he is a critical care nurse, and gave some more details about the incident. Here are 911 calls:

"The top civil rights lawyer for the Oregon Department of Justice filed suit Wednesday against Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, her deputy and other key officials, accusing them of racially profiling him when a colleague tracked his social media messages," the Oregonian reports. "Erious Johnson's lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Eugene, says his civil rights were violated in 2015 when a state investigator used a surveillance tool to monitor the Black Lives Matter hashtag."

"Big Tony" Schneider and his son Tony Schneider, Jr, pleaded no contest to racketeering charges on Tuesday. "Big Tony," shockingly, is described as the kingpin of "a family-run criminal enterprise operating out of A-1 Light Truck & Auto Parts and West Coast Car Crushing on North Columbia Boulevard. The nearly year-long Portland police investigation led to 34 indictments in October 2014, including eight people indicted on a racketeering charge."

Who knew old Subarus have interchangeable keys? Seems like a security flaw. A Portland woman's "stolen" Subaru was returned later with cash and an apology letter.

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber's 19-year-old son, Logan, was indicted for assault, DUII, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and second degree criminal mischief, the Portland Tribune reports. He caused a nasty crash on the coast this summer.

White sports fans, don't do this: