Why are Democrats not Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Wolves?

Dont make voters angry. You wouldnt like them when theyre angry.
Don't make voters angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry. Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Okay, everyone, let's try to figure this out. What on EARTH are the Democrats thinking? Why is Debbie Wasserman Schultz still making public appearances? Why is she retaining leadership positions? Why is Hillary heaping praise upon her?

Debbie is at this point the Ted Cruz of the Democrats: a symbol everyone hates and is ready to boo even if they don't know why they're booing. And there's plenty of reason to boo! Not only has she been "meh" on fundraising, but this email leak makes it look like she was sabotaging Bernie's campaign.

And yes, as damning material goes, there's nothing you didn't already know in the leak. Oh, the political establishment circles its wagons to undermine candidates who say they're going to disrupt the establishment? Powerful people take measures to retain their power? They trade money for favors? Oh no, what a terrible shock, this is not at all the way the system is designed to work.

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Southeast Portland to Get Their Own "Kink and Coffee Shop"


For those of you kinky, sex-positive people who also enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, you're in luck! Because according to this interview in Nerve, professional dom Miss Pixie Fyre (best known as an educator and for her popular House of Fyre fetish events) will be opening up Portland's first "kink and coffee shop" in Southeast Portland called "Moonfyre Cafe." From the interview, here's how Miss Pixie describes her combo coffee shop and kink dungeon:

Having a dungeon and education space within the cafe means there are always going to be different experiences, needs, and play happening. After four years of events in the Portland community, we have created a great space, a great reputation and years of education for our community. That foundation simply needed a permanent location open to everyone in Portland.

... Moonfyre has to be 18+. That’s one of the restrictions that do exist here, you have to be over the age of 18 legally to be able to consent to this type of play and this type of exposure, and to then have the potential to go into areas where nudity will be allowed.

... There will not be alcohol served on site which was a very deliberate choice. We believe that the best (and safest) play experiences are done with clear mind and body. We advocate education and safety. It’s our responsibility to provide the safest environment for our guests that we possibly can.

Sounds fun! Moonfyre Cafe is scheduled to open later this month. For those who are interested, learn more about it here and here!

Nate Silver Predicts If the Election Were Held Today, Donald Trump Would Win 57 Percent to 42 Percent

Wellllll, here's a little news to make you shit your pants. According to FiveThirtyEight's election forecast, if the election were held today, Donald Trump would win by a lot. He would win 283.8 votes in the electoral college, to Clinton's 253.8. And he wouldn't just win the electoral college: He would also win 45.4 percent of the popular vote to Clinton's 45.1 percent. Below, I desperately grasp for reasons to unshit our pants.

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Borchers' Season Ends With Achilles Injury


From the moment Nat Borchers collapsed to the turf at Providence Park on Saturday, it seemed more likely than not that his 2016 season was over.

On Monday morning, those fears were confirmed: The beloved center back, the heart and soul of the club's 2015 MLS Cup championship, has a ruptured left Achilles tendon. He'll have surgery in the coming days, and won't play again this year.

The injury is one of the most excruciatingly painful an athlete can suffer — and at 35 years old, with his contract due to expire at the end of the season, Borchers' future with the Timbers and as a professional soccer player is uncertain at best.

It's an almost unbearably cruel fate for one of MLS' most well-liked and well-respected players. Considering Borchers' extraordinary durability over his long career, this is an especially low blow.

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Contrary to Bullseye Glass's Claims, a New State Report Suggests the Company’s Been Releasing Harmful Chromium

Michelle Mitchell

THE BAD NEWS, according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ): melt the relatively benign metal trivalent chromium (Cr III) in a glass furnace, and 98.4 percent of what's not captured in the glass emerges as a fierce carcinogen, hexavalent chromium (Cr VI or hex-chrome).

The worse news: a properly functioning baghouse pollution control device scrubs only 63 to 67 percent of that hex-chrome, according to the DEQ. The rest spews out into the surrounding environment.

Such are the results DEQ released last Thursday, based on its own analysis of a $60,000, three-day emissions test conducted at Southeast Portland’s Bullseye Glass in late April—a test with results so dire that Bullseye declared, “[T]he test results were distorted and are not representative of past or future operating conditions.”

Regardless, the DEQ stands by its analysis.

Asked about the finding that baghouses are unable to fully stop Cr VI, agency DEQ Air Quality Manager Keith Johnson said, “Sure we're concerned. We need more testing on that, but that's why we're not authorizing any chromium use [at Bullseye] at this time.”

The findings come amidst agency and community concern over separate air monitoring data that indicate Cr VI readings in Bullseye's vicinity were recently “creeping back up” according to Johnson. He referred to three, single-day hex-chrome readings at a nearby day-care center from late June and early July of 0.51, 0.58 and 0.59 nanograms of Cr VI per cubic meter of air. Though well below DEQ's current, but soon to be reviewed, 24-hour screening levels, these reading far exceed its annual safe-air goal of 0.08 ng/m3.

Data on wind direction point to either Bullseye or a nearby cement distribution facility as the culprit.

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Calm Down. Tim Kaine May Be Boring, But He's Pro-Choice.

Tim Kaine is Catholic, but he has a well-documented history of privileging the law over his religion.
Tim Kaine is Catholic, but he has a well-documented history of privileging the law over his religion. United States Senate via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was announced as Hillary Clinton's running mate, I've seen a lot of hemming and hawing on Twitter about how he's a boring choice who probably doesn't even support reproductive rights. Well, I can't help you with the boring part. I confess I had dreams of a blue-suited all-lady ticket with HRC and Elizabeth Warren joining forces like Daenarys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy to crush the GOP's paternalistic vanity project—VALAR MORGHULIS—and compared to that, an old white man can only impress so much, even if does speak fluent Spanish.

But the other part? The abortion thing? Let's get into it.

Kaine's support for abortion rights is not uncomplicated. He's Catholic, and personally opposes abortion, but supports abortion rights. His early record on reproductive rights was mixed—he's backed some objectively bad legislation—but he's evolved on the issue, which is something that sometimes happens to adults. As a member of the Senate, he's consistently voted in support of reproductive rights. He also has the approval of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood, two of the nation's biggest reproductive rights advocacy groups. Kaine isn't an advocate for reproductive rights in the way Hillary is, but he's reliably pro-choice.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer (Now with a Tiger!)

Courtesy AMC

This somewhat stomach churning trailer for the upcoming 7th season of The Walking Dead has a lot surprises—such as Negan's icky plans for Alexandria, Carol having a GREAT time at the Kingdom, and zombie-eating pigs (??)—but my fave? THE WALKING DEAD NOW HAS ITS OWN TIGER! Goddammit. When am I gonna get my own tiger? Anyway, TWD returns on October 23!

It's Patio Season! (Hell Yeah!) Here are Some of Portland's Best.


IT'S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that sun and alcohol are natural partners—a fact that Portland's drinking establishments are well aware of. Here are some of the best patios around town on which to test this hypothesis for yourself.


Okay, not a huge patio, but nothing trumps a refreshing German beer when the thermometer is pushing 90. It's usually bumping, but an outdoor bar accommodates the thirsty hordes. Plus, there's an adjoining food cart pod if bratwurst or sauerkraut isn't your thing. 4237 N Mississippi


An extensive terrace provides views of downtown and panoramic scenes across Portland. Pricey, but top-notch drinks—and you get to rub shoulders with Portland's version of Eurotrash and California transplants who miss the scene at the Standard in LA. 525 SW Morrison


This splendid patio has mixed seating options and fire pits, making it attractive to larger groups. It gets busy and then busier—watch out for eager hipsters hustling the ping-pong tables, even if you're mid-game. 600 E Burnside

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PDX Pop Now! 2016 Roundup

Old Grape God at PDX Pop Now!
Old Grape God at PDX Pop Now! Emma Burke

Sure, there’s plenty to gripe about when it comes to all-ages festivals—having to drink beer in a cage, losing all feeling in your toes after the fourth instance of being run over by a stroller worth more than your car—but I think I’m finally at the point in my life where I’d rather see a crowd full of actual babies wearing noise-cancelling headphones than adult babies wearing flower crowns. And boy, did PDX Pop Now! deliver on that front. People of all types and ages congregated under the Hawthorne Bridge over the weekend, but my attention was drawn to those at the ends of the spectrum: the toddlers and the older couples clearly lost on their way to the esplanade. My “is this band cool” gauge was reliant on those two groups—if you can’t impress all ages at an all-ages festival, what are you doing?

As inane and irrational as that barometer may be, Old Grape God’s Saturday performance killed it with my litmus groups. The barrage of little kids losing their minds in front of the purple prophet was cute as fuck, and watching grandpas wearing Keens and earplugs warm up to the hip-hop show—which featured onstage painting and interpretive dance—warmed my heart.

“But what about the teens and tweens?!” Yeah, yeah, there were some of those too. PDX Pop Now! is a great resource for kids with an interest in live music. It’s always fun to see bands that usually frequent clubs or bars getting to play to a younger crowd. To ensure that my jaded, 21-year-old brain didn’t cloud my judgment I brought along someone still bound by the hands of puritanical Uncle Sam and the OLCC, my 16-year-old brother Michael. I wanted to get his youthful hot take. “There are people playing basketball and drawing on the street, that’s cool I guess.” Take that, Coachella! He took an interest in hardcore punk band Bobby Peru. They’re a mosh-worthy band with '80s punk nostalgia that fits in venues like the Know, but it’s hard to beat watching dads with kids on their shoulders bopping along to songs about eating someone’s face while high on bath salts. After some light afternoon thrashing (very light, this year everyone was great about the “girls to the front” rule) we surveyed the crowd that Michael deemed older than he would have expected.

Rigsketball 2016
Rigsketball 2016 Emma Burke

While there were more teens at shows scheduled later like Maze Koroma, it did seem like the majority of every audience was made of people in their 20s. As long as I’ve been attending the festival I’ve always felt surrounded by my peers, and this year I got the impression that the festival was growing up at the same pace as the attendees.

PDX Pop Now! is mellow, and although it may not be the coolest spot of all time (Michael was weirded out by the booths: “It makes me kind of sad to see that empty PGE booth"), the atmosphere makes each band accessible to a new audience and gives them creative control to make their set what they want it to be. Plus, who doesn’t love spending prolonged periods of time under the Hawthorne Bridge? As Michael so eloquently said, “Yeah the location is really tight.” From the mouths of babes!


Savage Love Letter of the Day: Not Another DTMFA?!? Yes! Another DTMFA!

Thirty-two-year old, married straight male. I have a problem that I don't know how to deal with. I'm an alcoholic, and my wife is too. We met 5 years ago at the beach. I had never drank more than three or four drinks in a day, and never before 5 o'clock, but I was crazy about her and had a blast day-drinking. We hit it off and are now married.

When we started dating we lived in separate cities about two hrs away, so we would spend every weekend together. Drinking. A lot. After we moved in together I've had a spate of jobs, but nothing that would be called a career. Now I'm a certifiable alcoholic, I wake up to a beer three days of the week. She has a great job, but she still comes home and drinks until bed. I don't know how she does it. This kind of substance abuse is hurting our relationship, I don't have her tolerance, and I cannot be productive in any way, shape, or form the day after drinking.

What do I do? She's not going to stop drinking, but I can't live a normal life drinking like this. I don't have the willpower to not drink when she does it too. I've talked to her about it, I've even been in rehab for a week, but the minute I slipped she happily had a beer right beside me. She's a superhero when it comes to alcohol, but I'm not. It's ruining my life. Any advice?

Don't Really Understand Nasty Knelling Sound

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The Absolutely Fabulous Movie Is Totally Worth Your Time (Once It Gets to Netflix)


If you loved and/or liked the classic British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, please keep reading to see if you’d like Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. If you’ve never heard of the show, the movie, or were born after 1970, for sure stop reading and find something else to do with your time. I’m given to understand that Pokémon Go is popular. You’re welcome!

That being said, if you’re unfamiliar with the series or the movie, annoyed by the current Pokémon craze, and are still curious, you should definitely check out Ab Fab (the show, circa 1992-2012), because it is a bona fide scream. Comedians Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley play upper-crusty selfish socialites Edina and Patsy, who spend their lives boozing, drugging, and getting into various sexual misadventures while driving Edina’s strait-laced daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha) batty.

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Good Morning, News: Homeless Refugee Camp in PDX, Democratic Chair Resigns in Shame, and Wonder Woman Arrives!

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! I like the way you look at me, I like the time we spend baby, I like what we have grown to be, I like it girl, don't you know I like it. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

As our Dirk VanderHart reported this weekend, homeless advocates will set up an "economic refugee camp" for those who are being displaced by the Springwater Corridor sweep.

But that didn't stop homeless people and homeowners near the Springwater to get into shouting matches last night.

The Timbers fall to the LA Galaxy 2-1, and even worse, beloved player Nat Borchers was injured.

On Friday The Atlantic came out with a feature on Portland that slammed its racist history and declared it the "whitest city in America." OUCH, and yup.

Seattle and Portland can claim the fastest rising rents in the country, but at least one Seattle city council person is trying to do something about it.

Talk about timing! DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is resigning her seat on the eve of the Democratic Convention following emails revealing that DNC top brass showed favoritism to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. (There's also a hilarious rumor that the Russian government hacked the emails in a bid to get Trump elected. OH BOY WHAT AN ELECTION!)

Speaking of Bernie, he and Michelle Obama will appear side-by-side tonight at the convention in an attempt to show party unity. But who knows what will happen, right?

Another mass shooting to start the week: Two dead (including a 14-year-old) and 17 were injured when a gunman opened fire outside a Fort Myers, Florida nightclub.

Web pioneer Yahoo is selling the majority of their business to Verizon for nearly 5 billion.

Today in "fortunate/unfortunate" news: Turns out initial tests were wrong, and Colorado's water supply is not tainted with THC as previously thought (and maybe hoped?).

Athletes arriving for the Rio Olympics may not have the best apartments, but at least they're receiving 42 condoms each.

Now let's look at the WEATHER outside: A sunny, sunny week ahead with a high today of 88 degrees.


Things To Do This Week!

It's not too often that a 100% bonafide legitimate goddamned national treasure comes rolling through town. Sure, it happens every now and again, but even then, it's almost never on the level of historical significance at which Weird Al resides. And if you're the kind of person (philistine) who doesn't consider Mr. Yankovic to be a national treasure (you're wrong he is shut up and have a fucking seat, philistine), well, that's alright I guess—there's still so many things to do this week that you're bound to find something that will more closely align with your (warped and malformed) entertainment tastes! Like, for example, a big fat birthday party (with cake and slushies and everything!) for one of Portland's best bars! Or the return of Ron Funches, cuddly comedian extraordinaire! You could indulge in the wine cooler-fueled neon majesty of Miami Vice, or maybe you wanna keep it simple, and just hang out on the waterfront and drink a river's worth of craft beer. And if that's not the kind of thirst you're looking to have quenched, there's a whole city's worth of hip-hop to drink in at The Know! And that's not even the half of it. Hit the menu below, and choose wisely.

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Borchers Injured, Timbers Lose 2-1 to LA

Craig Mitchelldyer/Portland Timbers

Upon arrival at Providence Park before the Timbers' marquee meeting with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday afternoon, Nat Borchers delivered a six-pack of Widmer to a Timbers fan celebrating her 21st birthday at the stadium.

It was a gesture typical of one of the most gracious, big-hearted athletes this city has ever seen. Last year, it was Borchers who embraced the story of Lynda Rose — a Timbers fan dying of cancer, whose last wish was to see her club lift MLS Cup. Thanks in large part to the center back, that wish was fulfilled.

Nat Borchers, over his entire career, has made a mockery of the thesis that there are no true role models in sports. On the field, he's played his position just about as well as it can be played. Competitive, consistent, and clean.

In 57 MLS games with the Timbers, Borchers had only been booked one time. He always marked the opposing team's most dangerous attacker on set pieces, usually holding his own despite giving up a handful of inches and more than a handful of pounds.

There was also this: In his time with the Timbers, and more broadly throughout his MLS career, Nat Borchers had never gotten hurt.

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Homeless Advocates Will Set Up an "Economic Refugee Camp" For People Displaced in Springwater Sweep

Ree Kaarhus, executive director of Boots on the Ground PDX
Ree Kaarhus, executive director of Boots on the Ground PDX Dirk VanderHart

Organizations advocating for homeless people on the Springwater Corridor say they'll establish an "economic refugee camp" for people displaced in a planned sweep of the multi-use trail beginning August 1—and unlike a previous, similar camp, they say they'll refuse to budge if the city asks.

At a meeting of volunteer advocates and homeless this morning near a large encampment on the Springwater, Ree Kaarhus announced her organization, Boots on the Ground PDX, had identified a piece of land where tents and RVs can set up beginning July 31. The organized encampment would include security and a code of conduct that prohibits substances.

"This is going to look like a UN refugee camp," Kaarhus said. "If we can make it work, the city may open more organized camps."

Kaarhus and her allies have proven they can get efforts like this off the ground. In May, they set up a small encampment for homeless women on a vacant plot of city land in Lents. They moved on shortly after, when Mayor Charlie Hales vowed to find them a more appropriate plot of land. That promise has so far gone unfulfilled, and some of the women who were in the camp are once again facing abuse on the Springwater, advocates say.

Kaarhus is refusing to say where the plot of land is located until the camp is actually established, but she suggested this morning it wouldn't be in the Lents neighborhood, where tensions over entrenched homeless camping along the Springwater have led to outrage.

"I think Lents has been pushed to a breaking point," she said. Unlike the women's camp, Kaarhus says that the community being planned won't move because of the city's assurances. And she cautioned that the camp won't accept anyone who can't abide the rules. "If you cannot be personally responsible, please do not come to the gate."

Kaarhus's announcement came as advocates and homeless residents met to strategize how to react to the planned sweep, which Hales announced July 15. Among decisions the group made this morning: Demanding that he not carry out the sweep, and that he meet with people living off the trail. Activists with Portland Tenants United were also on hand, offering to help homeless people "stand their ground" during a sweep.