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A Tenant Enrolled in a City Affordable Housing Program Just Received a 50 Percent Rent Increase. How is That Possible?

In August, a tenant living in an apartment protected by Portland's affordable housing policy was given a 50% rent increase. It's completely legal. How?

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Candidate Rene Gonzalez Faces Historic Fine for Violating Election Law

City council candidate Rene Gonzalez may have to pay $77,140 in fines for violating Portland’s small donor election laws after he accepted and failed to disclose a sweetheart rental deal from Jordan Schnitzer.

Suzette Smith


Calling all trash lovers!🗑️ It's time for the latest TRASH REPORT from Elinor Jones. This week: cat financial advisors, Pink Martini's *very* expensive hoodie, and our newest feature, "What Does Grimes Have to Say?" 🤔


Climate Advocates Object to Governor's Nominee for Powerful Transportation Commission

Climate advocates are calling on Governor Brown to pause the nomination of a longtime state Senator to Oregon's powerful transportation commission.

Isabella Garcia


Hey brainy pants! 🤓 Let's see how you score on this week's sassy-ass POP QUIZ PDX, featuring loudmouth frat boys, idiot TV hosts, and local rich dudes using their money for EEEEVIL! 😡 (Oh, and you can also win free pizza.😃)


Wheeler Moves Forward with Controversial Gunshot Detection Technology

Mayor Wheeler is moving forward with a plan to introduce the controversial gunshot-detection technology ShotSpotter to Portland.



This week in Portland music news: Dame D.O.L.L.A. jumps on a track to talk Fatherhood. Jenni Moore has her eye on indie folk shows, back patio hip hop dance parties, and a very Harry Styles Harryween in this week's Hear in Portland.

From TOBE NWIGWE's "Mini Me"

A Decade of the Portland Film Festival

Celebrating a decade of supporting small budget films and fledgling filmmakers, Portland Film Festival has been looking for a theater. Now, they think the best path forward is building one of their own.

Portland Film Festival

• SAVAGE LOVE: Quickies

This week in SAVAGE LOVE: Quickie Qs about kids watching porn, indecent exposures, and... answering quiz show questions during sex?

Joe Newton

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