Now with Nutshell closing shop, what's a hungry vegan to do?

The answer to that question is Los Gorditos II, the delicious spin-off to the popular SE Division truck, and (I assume) the planet's only all-vegan taco cart.

When the (Vegan) Gods close a door, they open a (delicious, sauce-covered) window.

Located at 8th and Ankeny, tucked neatly behind City Bikes, the taqueria is similar to its big sister cart as it offers up homecooked Mexican fare, sans the meat and dairy. But worry not carnivores, their menu doesn't necessarily feel vegan (or healthy), and their gutbomb--in a good way--authentic meals won't leave you longing for carnitas or queso.

My Soyrizo taco wasn't bad for $1.75--well-spiced and topped with cilantro--but it was the mammoth bean/rice/avocado burrito (at the recession friendly price of $3.50) that won me over. If you've been to their other location you know the drill with Los Gorditos: Walk up, order your meal, do not forget to stock-up on their excellent hot sauce, unhinge your jaw like a snake swallowing a baby goat and consume your food. Repeat.

I didn't see posted hours, but I believe they are open Monday-Saturday, from 11am-8pm. Given their proximity to the Doug Fir (and the rest of East Burnside), here's hoping they stay open much later than that.