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Good Morning, Portland! Now that it's no longer hot, it will never be hot again. Psyche! Put a sticky note by your front door to remember to stay concerned about climate change. Now here's the news!

• It's not clear if any will end up in Portland, but it appears that Hurricane Hilary could bring some rain Oregon's way, on Sunday and Monday. It's pretty unusual for a storm like that to make landfall on the west coast, aaaand if any of it makes it up here it'll probably just be a depression by that point—appropriate for the Pacific Northwest.

• This week, OHSU announced its intention to merge with Legacy Health—absorbing the health system into its science university swamp. Oregon Nurses Association had a thing or two to say about that idea:

TODAY'S TOP OWLET is four owlets that recently hatched at the  Oregon Zoo’s Great Northwest habitat. Normally, I don't like to anthropomorphize animals, but these owlets are giving morning lewks. In some sort of reverse Groundhog Day move, Rocky and Banff's four owl chicks—hatched just last month—left the nest this week, casting wary gazes around this world. Condolences, young ones. This is it.

• In local music news this week, Orquestra Pacifico Tropicale says they're recording a third album, and Dani Danger's gorgeous "Addicted to Love" is good listening for the inevitable traffic jam at the 50 Cent/ Busta Rhymes/ Jeremih concert. Read up on what to listen to Hear in Portland!

• Seeing as it's Friday morning, a bunch of tickets are about to go on sale. Our Everout calendar team put together this round-up of shows you might be interested, from music (The Linda Lindas!) to comedy (Mike Birbiglia!).

• Earlier this year, former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was convicted of seditious conspiracy for his actions surrounding the Jan 6 riot at the US Capitol. He may be about to receive the longest sentence handed to insurrectionists so far—the Justice Department has asked for 33 years.

• Over a hundred deceased victims of the Maui wildfires have been found so far. Yesterday the area's emergency management administrator resigned in response to questions about the area's preparedness and why the emergency sirens didn't sound.

@cbsnews The Maui official who decided not to activate sirens during the deadly wildfires tells CBS News' Jonathan Vigliotti that he does not regret it and explains why he made that decision. #hawaii #maui #news ♬ original sound - cbsnews

Naomi Klein wrote a book about being frequently mistaken for Naomi Wolf (dang), and Vanity Fair published an excerpt of it this week. Hard to tell if the book will be good, but I identified with this description of how Klein thinks about her readers: "stressed-out, busy people inundated with thumbnail-size names and avatars, we’re just a blur of Naomis with highlights going on about Bill Gates." The selection also includes this funny mnemonic: "If the Naomi be Klein you’re doing just fine If the Naomi be Wolf Oh, buddy. Ooooof."

• Watching critics glow about the 20-year anniversary remastering and rerelease of Park Chan-wook's subtle and violent revenge film Oldboy has me like—wait, but who told you that's a good movie, because you usually can't tell. The 4K digital remaster hits theaters this weekend, so you can't stream it for a while. That will probably help disguise the high possibility that this film didn't really need such extravagant packaging to return to movie houses. "There’s nothing that was specially added to this remastered version," Park said in this interview with's Isaac Feldberg, before going on to describe the original footage as "very grainy with high contrast and low saturation." To this I say, it's not an absolute that brighter colors improve things. Not everything needs to look like Amélie, brah.

In closing, this one goes out to all my people wearing shorts under their summer dresses. You are ready.

@yoleendadong Who else wears shorts with their skirt? 🤺 #psa #short #skirts #girls #relatable #asian ♬ original sound - LeendaDong