Happy “fool’s spring,” Portland! This week we’re delighted to hear the debut single by Keeks (FKA Maarquii), an upcoming late-night set from jazz fusion act Greaterkind at Jack London Revue, and later this spring, Danny Brown comes to town.


Upcoming local event(s) featuring local artist(s).        


Portland-based jazz trio Greaterkind never fails to provide an uplifting ambiance, whatever space they’re playing in. We've seen them popping up in other groups—keyboardist Charlie Brown III (Aminé, MonoNeon, Blossom), guitarist Peter Knudsen (Outer Orbit, MonoNeon), and drummer Cory Limuaco (Sarah Clarke, MAE.SUN)—around town, but don't miss their distinct, modern blend of jazz fusion as part of the 2024 Biamp Portland Jazz Festival. Greaterkind's sound is heavily influenced by funk, gospel, R&B, and hip-hop. The result is infectious, pleasant and feels simultaneously part of the old world and new school. While there are plenty of shows opening the festival night (including the sold out Jon Batiste show we profiled last week) Greaterkind's late-night set at speakeasy-style basement venue Jack London Revue might be the perfect way to wind down the evening—or wind up, for that matter. (Jack London Revue, 529 SW 4th, Fri Feb 16, 11:55 pm, $20-25 tickets here, 21+)


New release(s) from a Portland-relevant artist. 

“Make You Sick,” Keeks

Keeks is the high-femme rapper-singer and multi-dimensional artist formerly known as Maarquii. Now performing under her childhood nickname, Keeks, Gwendolyn Juju (House of Juju) released a debut song under the new moniker on January 31. Accompanying the release is a stunning and very sultry music video with videography and editing by Padriac O’meara and creative direction by Keeks herself. Produced by JVNITOR, the song has both industrial, electronic, and hard rock elements, showcasing your girl rhythmically singing bad bitch femme-queen mantras like “Femme queens in the house and we don’t give a fuck/ Dressed down to the toes and we throwin it up/ Little weed in the dutchie, Mezcal in the cup/ Blowing kisses to the girls and we living in lux/ Snatched in the kitty real tight in the tuck/ But it’s giving Barbie doll the way I flattened it up.” The single’s new music video contrasts its high-energy bravado with ethereal imagery, delicate choreography, and Keeks serving face, body, wind blown chiffon, and self-love energy. 


Some upcoming music buzz to add to your radar.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown dropped two notable albums in 2023: Scaring the Hoes with JPEGMAFIA and his sixth studio solo album, Quaranta—which means the number 40 in Italian and refers to his age. Quaranta marks Brown’s most introspective confessional album yet; Brown has called it the “spiritual sequel to XXX.” But Quaranta sounds and feels like a totally different record. Brown delivers lyrics in uncharacteristically somber and meditative tones as he sorts through his personal journey battling addiction and depression. He experiments, even as he names his personal failings and regrets. One standout is single “Y.B.P. (feat. Bruiser Wolf),” which is titled for the acronym “Young Black and Poor,” details his rough childhood. In the first verse Brown starts off: “Wet clothes on the porch, we ain't have a dryer/ Spending food stamps wait 'til ya leave the store/ Too many in the bed, had to sleep on the floor/ 'Cause my cousin always be getting whipped in the morning/ Every night can't sleep, got me tossing and turning/ Late night in the kitchen, hear 'em always fussin'/ Got my ass beat, I ain't even do nothing/ Seen her crying in the kitchen and I don't know why/ Caught my aunt smoking crack and she got a black eye/ Living on Focus: HOPE and we tryna get by/ Sippin' on WIC juice, wash it down with chili fries.” (Be sure to check out the new stop-motion-style music video for “Y.B.P.”) I’m also partial to the sublime and soothing closing track “Bass Jam.” Now fully sober, the lifelong Detroiter relocated to Austin, Texas following his divorce. (Brown has also been actively talking about, well, everything on his popular podcast, The Danny Brown Show.) Now Brown’s taking to the road on a 24-city Quaranta ’24 tour including a stop at Wonder Ballroom at the end of March. (Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell, Fri March 29, 8 pm, $30, buy tickets here, all ages)