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Fall Arts 2022: The Portland Mercury Reintroduces Portland's Art Scene

From first person accounts of the city's changing comedy landscape to a refresh of the area's galleries, please allow the Mercury to reintroduce Portland's fall art season.

Jax Ko

City to Pay $85,000 to Settle Retaliation Lawsuit Filed by Police Captain

Portland City Council voted to pay $85,000 to settle a 2020 lawsuit filed by a member of Portland Police Bureau (PPB) accusing the city of employment discrimination and retaliation. 

Doug Brown


Wake up, brain! It's time for Portland's funnest trivia quiz, POP QUIZ PDX. This week: screaming school board meetings, a new California invasion, and YOUR choice for "sandwich of the gods"! 🧠⚡️


•  Flashes of the 2020 Protests

While PAM's "Perspectives" exhibit displays images of hope, collaboration, and emotional explosion, it completely lacks examples of the police brutality that underscored the conflict and galvanized Portland's 2020 protests.

Mariah Harris

Portland Street Response is Still Banned From Responding to Suicide Calls or Entering Buildings

Six months after expanding citywide, Portland Street Response (PSR) staff are still limited from responding to some of the most basic crises. Why?

Portland Street Response


Mercury music columnist Jenni Moore wants you to get in on the post-smoke, pre-rain fall zone HEAR IN PORTLAND with a Sheer Mag show, a new monthly R&B Night series, and Milc's brand new Bandcamp exclusive.

Sheer Mag

TBA Review: Adrienne Truscott Is the Centerpiece of THIS

At the one-off Portland performance of "THIS," Adrienne Truscott was naked, unafraid, standing on a scissor lift, sipping red wine, and poking holes in both memory and memoir.


Skaters Dust Off Plans for Steel Bridge Skatepark

Portland’s skateboarding and roller skating scene is vibrant and burgeoning, but local skaters have a plan they believe will make it even better: Finally building the Steel Bridge Skatepark.

Portland Parks and Recreation

2022 Portland Book Festival Author Highlights

Changes are afoot at the 2022 Portland Book Festival. Literary Arts has released a list of over 80 attending authors and some new things audiences can expect.

Portland Book Festival

San Cha Opens TBA with a Sold Out Show

Don't miss this emphatic retelling of San Cha's sold out show, on the TBA festival's opening night. "San Cha appeared, dressed like a beautiful boss version of the two magnificent floral arrangements on either side of the stage."



Toot! Toot! All aboard the gossip train! 🚂 It's time for THE TRASH REPORT. This week: Trump thinks horses = money, "Hamilton" forgets what "Hamilton" is about, and why is the Queen's death bringing everyone else life? 🤔



Do straight guys normally send "cock love notes" to their straight male friends? 🤔 Dan Savage investigates!

Joe Newton

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