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Portland team, listen up! While it may be impossible to go out and see performances right now, Portland's most creative musicians, comedians, and performers are live streaming their awesome stuff so you can enjoy it from home. And if you're doing it, THE MERCURY WANTS TO HELP YOU PROMOTE IT.

Along with our wildly necessary calendar listings for Things to Do (at home), restaurant take-out/delivery, weed delivery services, and book store curb pickups, we're also developing a calendar to bring attention to your live stream events. If you have something coming up, EMAIL US HERE and be sure to include the day, time, platform, and a brief (BRIEF!) description of what your audience can expect from the event.

Creative folks (like you) are already hard at work putting together online performances, such as last night's super funny Earthquake Hurricane comedy show, or the Decemberists' Colin Meloy who put on a concert in his house today, or LiveWire radio keeping the show going online, or the virtual dance party that Holocene is putting on tonight starting at 8 pm, and... and... OMIGOD SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! SHAWN AND CAMILLA!!!

So if you got a show... LET US KNOW!