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Mayor Tells Police Bureau to Let Feds Handle ICE Protest

City Fees on Airbnbs Could Benefit Affordable Housing Programs

These costs could incentivize short-term hosts to become long-term landlords

Hall Monitor: Reasonable People

A Policy Change Could Bring Fairness Back to the City's Police Review Process

Oregon Faces its Own Immigration Detention Crisis

Dark Horse Comics: No, We Won't Cover Trans Health Care

In the Midst of a Crisis, Metro Takes on Affordable Housing

Will Voters Support the First-Ever Regional Affordable Housing Bond?

Sexual Abuse Victims Push PSU to Complete Investigation into Student’s Conduct

And the Trump Administration’s Relaxed Title IX Guidelines Aren’t Helping

In Other News

The Future of Brick Buildings! County Sues Trump!

City Will Fund YouthPass… For Now

Downtown Food Cart Owner Admits to Attacking Customer

What We Got Wrong About Last Weekend's Violent Rallies

Mayor Wheeler's Chief of Staff Takes Job at TriMet

Scappoose Fire Could Indicate a Dry, Blazing Summer

Alleged PSU Hit and Run Driver Pleads Not Guilty

Hall Monitor: Cop Watch

Portland Police Aren’t Great at Handling Protests. Will a New City Investigation Change That?

Alt-Right Trolls Put Local Businesses on Edge for Hosting "Reparations Happy Hour"

Where Does This Leave the New Meetup for People of Color?

Parents Accuse Portland Public Schools of Having “Squandered” Community Trust

PPS Will Split Students in the ACCESS Academy Program Between Two Schools. Parents—and Schools—Aren’t Pleased

Multnomah County Looks at Solar for Low Income Housing

Fundraiser for Aaron Salazar on PSU Campus Saturday

Gov. Brown Declares State of Emergency for 3 Counties

PPS School Board Decision Leaves Parents Upset

Biketown's Expanding to More Eastside Neighborhoods!

Brick By Brick

Many of Portland’s Historic Brick Buildings—And Their Residents—Won’t Survive an Earthquake. What Can Be Done?

Oregon’s Anti-Abortion Extremist Comes Home

Abortion advocates prepare for the prison release of notorious clinic arsonist Shelley Shannon

What We Know (and Don't Know) About the PSU Hit-and-Run

Court documents reveal new information about suspect Greg Porter

Hall Monitor: Treading Water

The latest solution to Portland's housing crisis? Cheaper water.
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