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Portland Has Strict Standards For Outlawing Sidewalk Sitting—Unless Cops Ask

Now the recent decision to expand no-sit sidewalks has created a headache for Mayor Ted Wheeler

Hall Monitor: Portland’s Future Decongestants

While Abetting ODOT’s Rose Quarter Plans, the City Just Took a Step Forward

Conditions Are “Inhumane” for Kids at a Jail in The Dalles, a New Report Says

Jail Officials Call Findings “Over-Exaggerated and Sensationalized”

A New 200-Bed Shelter in Old Town Is Inching Forward

Portland Food and Drink News Weekly Wrap-Up

The City Just Approved Its Largest Affordable Housing Project in 50 Years

But Not Without Concerns About High Costs and Homelessness

Who's Next? Garrison Keillor, That's Who.

“Can Anybody Help Out This Week?”

Six Days at the Pacific Northwest’s Regional Abortion Fund

As Winter Approaches, the Homeless Are Using Dangerous Methods to Keep Warm

It’s a Costly Side Effect of Portland’s Housing Crisis

Affordable Housing Could Be Decimated Under the Republican Tax Plan

And Congressman Greg Walden Is Stonewalling Concerned Providers in His District

Hall Monitor: Run the Block

High-Profile Complaints Have the PBA Winning More No-Sit Sidewalks

In Other News

Budget Cuts Amid Surging Tax Revenues? Homelessness Officials Prep for Winter.

Multnomah County’s Jail is a Devastating Place for Mentally Ill People

Officials and Advocates Are Attempting to Make the System Less Terrible

Trump Endorses Roy Moore

Food News Roundup for the Week of Nov 12-17

When It Comes to Sexual Assault and Harassment, The Dam’s Breaking

Make Sure It Stays That Way. Listen to Women.

The ACLU Just Filed the First of Several Lawsuits Over Recent Police Protest Tactics

It Hopes to Stop Cops from Using a Controversial “Kettle” Maneuver

Uber’s Bitterest City Council Foes Finally Have the Votes for a Crackdown

And They’re Completely Comfortable with Kicking the Company Out of Portland

Hall Monitor: The Earthquake Exemption

Should Building Owners Be Able to Duck Renter Relocation Payments While Performing Seismic Upgrades?

Hall Monitor: Investigate Sam Adams

New Allegations Against the Former Mayor Need to Be Investigated—No Matter What
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