Sounds suspiciously like a conspiracy theory.


what the cia
called those af-
flicted with paranoia
that the cia was out to

get them

tho sometimes
is IS just a theory.


Portland is being fitted out to become a Gaza?
Wealthy corporate types are spending the fruit of their greed, using the only thing of value to them to buy apartments and drive the residents out by raising the rent so that they can turn them into refugee centers that will be the trademark of Gaza, Portland Style?

And the means of attracting those, who the masters want corralled in their Gaza-land, is to lure them by dumbing down our educational system and smearing human shit on the sidewalks?

I agree, our educational system is a failure, not just here but nation wide. Jesus, just look at Florida for christ's sake.
And Portland is a wasteland, no question.

So is pretty much everywhere else in this failed experiment of a country. The toilet flushed when Nancy wrapped her Skelator-like hand around Ronnie's dick and made him sign whatever Jack Abramoff told him to. That is what killed education; Reagan cut the funding. Eviscerated it. It never recovered; not under Clinton or Obama or Biden. An act which has made possible the teaching of children that slavery was good for those enslaved and that women are the property of men.

You point at things that are undeniable and then attempt to link them with imaginary threads as if they represent some vast conspiracy to ... to ...
Do what exactly?
Oh, that's right, lure liberals to shitholes to pay unbelievable rent where the police look the other way.
I'd say your aluminum foil hat has slipped big fella.

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