Women's Soccer Recap: USWNT vs. Spain and Thorns Draw Against Utah—WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Marc Atkins / Getty Image Sport

The US Women's Soccer team pounded out a 2-1 win over Spain Monday in a gritty fast-paced thriller of a match. SUPER STAMINA ACTIVATED!

The last time the US played Spain was in January 2019 and they won 1-0. The US was heavily favored to win this match, but the game quickly proved that anything is possible with elimination on the line. This is the fourth match for the US in the 2019 World Cup and the first game that has really challenged the US in the tournament.

The game started with breakneck speed from both teams passing quickly and sending balls far and high for the front ends to chase down. Spain made a threatening break for goal in the first minute of the match, but the US defense shut them down. It was that early in the match that I had to put my morning chips and salsa aside and FOCUS UP! Spain means business!


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What We're Listening To: Megan Thee Stallion, The Meters, Lonely Island, and More!


Happy Monday! Here's a small sampling of what Mercury editorial staffers are listening to lately...

Jenni Moore, Music Editor
Megan Thee Stallion, "Big Ole Freak," and Fever
Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has had my attention ever since dropping the single—and sexed up visual—"Big Ole Freak," which flawlessly samples "Is It Love this Time," by R&B band Immature. In fact, lately I listen to "Big Ole Freak" at least once a day, right before busting open her debut album Fever. The album artwork promises that Megan is bring "thee heat," and looks like a movie poster that's obviously inspired by Pam Grier-starring Blaxploitation films. Throughout the project, the XXL Freshman slides in and out of her handful of dominant personas (Tina Snow, Megan Thee Stallion, and Hot Girl Meg), proves she's got bars, a new rich-girl lifestyle, and a slew of major producers in her corner. While the sex-positive lyrical content may get a little repetitive, it's Megan's delivery and fierce wordplay that makes it repeatable, and the perfect vibe for when you're driving fast, turning up, or feeling yourself. There are LOTS of highlights here, including the heavy-hitting "Realer," as well as "Hood Rat Shit," "Pimpin," "Money Good," and "Sex Talk." BRB, listening to "Big Ole Freak" again.

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Oregon's Carbon Emissions Bill Isn’t the Only Legislation Delayed by State Republicans


You have probably heard by now about the Oregon Senate Republicans’ big year-end field trip to deny Democrats a vote on a bill that would place new carbon emissions limits on businesses. But while House Bill 2020 is the reason 11 state senators are dodging the Capitol—and reportedly, the state—it isn’t the only bill delayed by their absence.

As the Oregonian reported on Saturday, the missing Republicans are keeping more than 100 different bills from passing a Senate vote. If the missing senators continue to deny the Senate a full quorum until June 30, the scheduled end of this legislative session, there’s a chance those bills won’t get a vote in 2019.

Just today, the Senate will miss a total of 25 scheduled third readings (the point at which a bill or amendment is usually voted on), including a slew of necessary budget allocations for the Bureau of Labor and Industry, the Oregon Judicial Department, and other agencies. Here are a few other pieces of legislation that won’t get a vote today:

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Local Musician Mike Pitts Dies at 49

Mike Pitts
Mike Pitts Facebook

Mike Pitts, the local musician who recorded lo-fi experimental psych rock under the name Neptune Skyline and, for a time in the early '90s, fronted the Seattle-based garage rock band the Kent 3, has died. He was 49 years old.

Born March 4, 1970, Pitts grew up in the suburbs outside Bellingham, Washington where he had, according to his nephew Jason Nix, an "unusual upbringing." Pitts' uncle was Hal Robinson, an illustrator whose work appeared frequently in the pages of motorcycle magazine like Easyriders and Cycletoons, which meant, "there were a lot of bikers and flower children around," says Nix. Along the way, Pitts cultivated a deep love of music, collecting records as a teen and picking up the bass and guitar at around age 16. He also remained dedicated to his education, as he was chosen as valedictorian for his high school graduating class in 1988.

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TV Review: Futuristic Soap Opera Years and Years Tackles the Anxieties of Today

Matt Squire/HBO
HBO’s gambit of airing original content on Monday nights is already paying off handsomely, with Chernobyl one of the most talked-about and praised shows of the year so far. Tonight, HBO launches its third Monday-night series—following Chernobyl and Gentleman Jack—and like its predecessors, it’s a co-venture with a British production company.

Years and Years, which just wrapped up its six-episode run on the BBC before hopping the pond tonight for American audiences, is a decidedly British endeavor, but one that speaks to problems that currently face the entire globe. It’s an audacious, fascinating, stressful, and at times clunky show, but it’s also the kind of appointment viewing that will likely earn deep affection from a number of its watchers. You could very well adore it.

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Live Review: Judas Priest at Moda Center, Sat June 22, 2019

If you’re interested in watching a metalhead lose their shit, pose this question to them and stand back: If you could only listen to Iron Maiden or Judas Priest for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Their eyes will bug out of their head, they’ll need some time to dissect each band's discography in their mind before they answer, and their answer will likely flip-flop from hour to hour. It’ll be entertaining, guaranteed.

A succinct statement that speaks volumes...
A succinct statement that speaks volumes...

The funny thing about that question, while the answer seems like it’d be a matter of personal preference or opinion, is that there is only one correct answer: Judas Priest. Not to discredit or dwarf the MASSIVE contribution Iron Maiden made to the history and ever-changing landscape of heavy metal, but the story and stylistic journey of Priest is way more interesting and multifaceted than Maiden’s. Plus, Priest’s new material, 2018’s Firepower in particular, is much more relevant and worth revisiting than anything Iron Maiden has put out in the last 15 or 20 years. Proof of this was magically put on display by Judas Priest Saturday night at the Moda Center.

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Talking Tepache, Modelo, and Community with Ben Citalán of Portland Mercado's Barrio

Blair Stenvick
From the Portland Mercury's Craft Beer Issue!

I’ve crushed my fair share of fruit beers, ciders, and radlers during the hot Portland summer months, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer-adjacent drink as refreshing, tangy, or memorable as the tepache they serve at Barrio, the small beer-and-wine bar inside the Portland Mercado. A one-to-one mixture of fermented pineapple and Modelo with a spicy salt rim, the drink came highly recommended by bar manager Ben Citalán.

Originally from Guatemala, Citalán (along with owner Chris Shimamoto) has overseen Barrio’s drink selection for the last two years. Since opening on Southeast Foster in 2015, the Mercado has become a favored destination for those seeking a variety of authentic Latin American dishes served by food carts in a casual setting. The Barrio has gained its own reputation as a cozy neighborhood bar with local art on the walls, buzzy music in the speakers, and drink specials, like tepache, that you can’t find anywhere else in town.

For the Mercury’s craft beer issue, I recently sat down with Citalán to talk about tepache, the Latin American beer scene, and why Modelo will always have a spot on the Barrio’s taplist.

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Don't Miss Talkin' Dirty with Shrista & AJ—This Thursday!


Look out, America! The Portland Mercury and She Bop have a brand new, live show that pairs your favorite things in the world: SEX AND COMEDY. It’s Talkin’ Dirty with Shrista & AJ, starring the hilarious Shrista Tyree and beloved sex educator/entertainer Amory Jane. In this new monthly series, Shrista and AJ will bring you a wild and funny evening filled with comedy from local and national comedians, lots of real talk, and a live sex ed demonstration from one of the top educators in the field!

And for our debut show THIS THURSDAY, Shrista and AJ will be joined by queer comedian D Martin Austin and sex educator Dr. Liz Powell who will teach us successful methods for talking dirty, as well as negotiation techniques for getting what we want out of sex! Plus, there will be lots of lively conversation, games, and surprises galore!

Don’t miss the maiden voyage of what will surely be the funniest, sexiest show in town:

Talkin’ Dirty with Shrista & AJ
This Thurs June 27, 7:30 pm doors / 8 pm show
The Siren Theater, 315 NW Davis
$15 advance at merctickets.com, $20 door

Brought to you by the Portland Mercury, and Portland’s favorite all-inclusive sex shop, She Bop!

TV Review: Showtime’s Roger Ailes Miniseries The Loudest Voice Is a Missed Opportunity


The turnaround time for converting news into filmed entertainment is short, and getting shorter. Maybe too short—sometimes it feels like the rush to fictionalize recent history has resulted in films and TV shows that aren’t fully realized. Maybe we could benefit from a little distance from the subject.

That’s the failing of The Loudest Voice. The Showtime limited series—developed from Gabriel Sherman’s book The Loudest Voice in the Room by Sherman and Spotlight screenwriter Tom McCarthy—attempts to chart the rise of Fox News and its role in our current political shitshow, while also exploring the paranoia and perversions of the network’s CEO, Roger Ailes (Russell Crowe, waddling under 30 pounds of padding and fake jowls). It’s a worthy undertaking, but one that’s hobbled at each step by overwrought dialogue, overheated acting, and some of the worst prosthetics this side of Trash Humpers.

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Good Morning, News: Oregon GOP Still on the Lam, Mayor Pete vs Cop Shooting, and Big Week for SCOTUS

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.


Good morning, Portland! Tired of pretending to be invested in Paula's lawnmower troubles? Here's something else to talk about around the water cooler today.

"Laws were being broken right and left": Dispatch from inside a windowless Texas detention center where the feds are holding more than 300 immigrant children.

Pete Under Pressure: What happens when a white officer kills a Black man in Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s town? The presidential candidate’s approach so far isn’t doing much to gain trust from South Bend, Indiana's Black population, a community that’s already disillusioned by their young mayor.

Don’t Worry, America: Another old white Democrat named Joe is running for president! Yesterday, former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak, described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “free-wheeling,” announced his campaign for the Oval Office. Ho boy!

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Timbers Masterful in 4-0 Drubbing of Houston

Craig Mitchelldyer/Portland Timbers
There will be, happily enough, plenty more games of soccer played at Providence Park this summer. But there won't be many as fun as this one was.

The Portland Timbers pummeled the Houston Dynamo by a score of four goals to nil on Saturday night at the corner of 18th and Morrison. It was a rout by every measure. The Timbers fired off 24 shots, completed more than 500 passes, and had over 55 percent possession. Houston managed just a single attempt on target.

But what the numbers can't themselves communicate is just how scintillating, how fabulous, the Timbers' soccer was.

Giovani Savarese's team put on a show. Diego Valeri led the charge, finding his rhythm, gliding around the field like a gazelle, and dropping dime after dime on a Dynamo defense worn, eventually, to the point of exhaustion. He'd finish the night with a hat trick of assists and a goal of his own, a penalty conversion.

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Timbers v. Houston Match Preview

Craig Mitchelldyer/Portland Timbers
After a pair of U.S. Open Cup wins, the Portland Timbers are set to return to MLS action for the first time in three weeks on Saturday night at Providence Park — where they'll face a shorthanded Houston Dynamo team in a vitally important Western Conference clash (8:00 p.m., TV on ROOT Sports).

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A Totally Real Leaked Road Trip Playlist for Republicans Fleeing the State


Happy Friday, Oregon! It’s been one hell of a week, particularly for our Republican state senators, those rascally interstate travelers. In their brave pursuit to kill a market-based approach to curbing carbon emissions (similar to one championed in California a decade ago by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger), our GOP legislators have been reportedly fleeing the Capitol—and in some cases, the state—to deny their Democratic colleagues a quorum on the Senate floor.

Sen. Brian Boquist, for example, has reportedly fled to Idaho. And while we aren’t sure of the whereabouts of other Republican senators, we’re do know they’ve gotten the hell out of Salem, and possibly Oregon. In other words, they’ve gone road-tripping, and we all know that no great road trip is complete without an epic road trip playlist.

Fortunately, the Mercury has obtained a leaked copy of the Traveling Republicans' shared Spotify playlist. We’re publishing some of these tracks here, with the hope of bringing a little outlaw, renegade spirit into the weekend.

"Fuck Tha Police" by NWA

Governor Kate Brown is sending the state police after the missing senators, prompting Boquist to warn that they better "send bachelors and come heavily armed" (What, no bachelorette cops? :/) So while our friends in the GOP might generally be more inclined to take a "Blue Lives Matter" approach, in this particular case, they're down with NWA's message. Well, they're down with the chorus, anyway. They can't really understand what those young men are saying because they're rapping so quickly!

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First Look: The Just-Opened Hi-Top Tavern Has One of the Best Patios in Portland

Meg Nanna
Meg Nanna
Today's the first day of summer, and serendipitously, it also marks opening day for Hi-Top Tavern, a gorgeous new bar on Northeast Fremont in the former Bottles building. The rambling space, much larger than it first appears, was once the site of a Jim and Patty's Coffee People outpost (which now can be found a few doors down). It's now home to the fourth bar from the Three on a Match bar group, the team behind the Old Gold, Paydirt, and Tough Luck bars. (Full disclosure: One of the owners, Ezra Caraeff, is a former Mercury employee.)

The space is their prettiest and most ambitious yet, with a stunning wood-carving of Mount Hood by the entry and antique beer cans lining the top of the bar. The bar itself runs along most of the main room, with a smaller intimate space toward the back, and beyond that, a separate room that currently holds a big-screen TV and will be available for private rental.

But when you head outside, Hi-Top reveals its greatest strength. The patio that runs alongside the building is expansive and pleasant, but keep going back and you'll find a covered deck, complete with a second, outdoor bar. Hi-Top is already in the running for Best Patio in Portland, and will be one of the finest places to have an al fresco drink this summer. The back area is covered and heated, too, so it'll be usable all year round.

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Korean Somaek Is Easy to Make and Unbelievably Refreshing

From the Portland Mercury's Craft Beer Issue!

With the arrival of the Southeast Belmont location of Korean market H Mart, you’ve got all you need to add delicious bulgogi and galbi into your traditional summer barbecue routine. While you’re busy navigating the store and stocking up on kimchee and snacks, pay a visit to the beverage aisle and grab a six-pack of Hite or Cass—two of the most popular light lagers in Korea, and you’ll be halfway to concocting somaek—the perfect beverage to pair with your summertime festivities.

A portmanteau combining the words soju and maekju (beer), somaek is a popular Korean beer cocktail, pairing light lager with soju, the popular low-alcohol distilled liquor commonly made with sweet potatoes or tapioca. More refined than a bomb shot and packing less of a punch than a boilermaker, somaek is crisp, refreshing, and easy to sip in the sun.

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