Live Review: Daniel Caesar, Koffee at Roseland, Tues August 20

Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar Jenni Moore
Following his drunken defense of known culture vulture Yes Julz, I wasn't sure what the crowd for Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar would be like, and to be honest I didn't really care. I was too focused on being excited about seeing the opener, 19-year-old Jamaican reggae singer Koffee, whose debut EP Rapture I've been obsessed with as of late.
Koffee Jenni Moore

As I entered the Roseland Theater on Tuesday, the first of two sold-out Daniel Caesar shows this week, I immediately noticed that this Daniel Caesar/Koffee crowd was quite diverse—a quality not typical of Portland concerts, and a very pleasant surprise. Koffee started right at 8 pm. Her 30-minute set had a very unplugged vibe: just drums, some acoustic guitar, and a hypewoman. She was dressed very casually, which only adds to her down-to-earth, humble attitude.

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AU Releases Final Album: a Live Recording of Their 2016 Collaboration With the Camas HS Choir

Briana Cerezo
It’s been about three years since a spell was cast on me. It was at the 2016 TBA Fest, where I got caught in the waves of undulating sound and exuberant wonder brought forth by the members of AU, some of their assorted musical friends, and, most crucially, the many, many young bodies that made up the Camas High School Choir. Their collaborative performance, which included some re-arranged material from AU’s catalog and new material, was a glorious immersion that I’ve never fully recovered from. I’ve been seeking out its analog ever since with mixed results.

My search may have come to an end with the news that AU is digitally releasing a live performance of this same set, recorded earlier in 2016 at Yale Union. It is, as the PR copy for this release states, “the summation of a yearlong project that found [keyboardist/vocalist Luke] Wyland working directly with Camas students to produce an entirely new body of music that blurs the lines between propulsive art-pop and avant-garde choral soundscapes.” While it can’t beat the experience of seeing the pure delight that played across everyone’s faces as they played or the visceral feeling of soundwaves hitting my chest, it will help scratch that peculiar itch in me nicely.

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The 2020 Presidential Race Just Lost the Only Candidate Appropriately Concerned About Climate Change

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee
Washington State Governor Jay Inslee KAREN DUCEY/GETTY

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee was remarkably one-note in his recently euthanized campaign to be 2020's Democratic nominee. Climate, climate, climate, he'd say. Climate, climate, climate! And—occasionally, if he really wanted to shake things up—he'd add: Climate! Climate! Climate!

Inslee never managed to get much support in the race, which remains dominated by Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders (feat. Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg). What Inslee did manage to do, though, was use a national platform—as limited as it was—to drive the political conversation toward what is, arguably, the only issue that currently matters: Climate. Climate. Climate.

"We have to understand if we don't solve the climate crisis, it will prevent us from dealing with all of our other hopes and challenges," Inslee told NPR in May—a strong statement that, incredibly, might not have been strong enough. ("We're all fucked if we don't work on this one goddamn thing," might have been a more accurate, if less diplomatic, way to put it.)

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TONIGHT! It's the Sex/Comedy Show, Talkin' Dirty with Shrista & AJ!

Aaron Lee / @aaronleephoto

Get ready to celebrate, America! The Portland Mercury and She Bop are thrilled to bring you a new, live show that pairs your favorite things in the world: SEX AND COMEDY. It’s Talkin’ Dirty with Shrista & AJ, starring the hilarious Shrista Tyree and beloved sex educator/entertainer Amory Jane. In this monthly series, Shrista and AJ promise a wild and funny evening filled with comedy from local and national comedians, lots of real talk, and a live sex ed demonstration from one of the top educators in the field!

And for TONIGHT'S Thursday, August 22 show, Shrista and AJ will be joined by Portland's Funniest Person finalist Dylan Carlino and sex educator Gretchen Leigh who will teach us the fine art of blowjobs and deep throating! Plus, there will be lots of lively conversation, games, and surprises galore!

Our first show was a near sell-out, so get your tickets NOW for TONIGHT'S edition of the funniest, sexiest show in town:

Talkin’ Dirty with Shrista & AJ
Thurs August 22, 7:30 pm doors / 8 pm show
The Siren Theater, 315 NW Davis
$15 advance at, $20 door

Brought to you by the Portland Mercury, and Portland’s favorite all-inclusive sex shop, She Bop!

New Evidence Shows Joey Gibson's Role in Planning May Day Attack at Cider Riot

Joey Gibson at a August 17 rally in downtown Portland.
Joey Gibson at a August 17 rally in downtown Portland. Karen Ducey / Getty Images

The legal team representing local cider bar Cider Riot in a lawsuit against far-right group Patriot Prayer has filed a new motion containing potentially damning evidence.

The lawsuit came after members of Patriot Prayer—including leader Joey Gibson—instigated a brawl with Cider Riot patrons on the sidewalk and street outside of the NE Couch business on May 1. Cider Riot attorney Juan Chavez, with the Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC), argues that Patriot Prayer intentionally targeted the business because people who identified as anti-fascists (or, antifa) were meeting there to celebrate a day of peaceful May Day demonstrations. The lawsuit, filed on May 3, accused Gibson and six other members of Patriot Prayer of acting negligently and trespassing on private property—and requests a trial by jury.

Gibson has since requested a judge dismiss this lawsuit, claiming Cider Riot and Chavez are trying to silence Gibson's political opinions. Gibson's lawyer, Multnomah County GOP Chair James Buchal, believes that his client is the target of a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP), a name for litigation that appears specifically crafted to intimidate and silence critics.

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Disjecta’s Portland 2019 Biennial: Where to Start

Altar by Lynn Yarne
Altar by Lynn Yarne LYNN YARNE

The fifth edition of Disjecta’s Portland Biennial is both a narrowing and an expansion of the exhibition’s original vision. The Biennial is a curated survey of Oregon contemporary artists that takes place every two years. But for the first time since Disjecta started organizing these regular events, all the work and the majority of the planned events will be featured in or around Disjecta’s gallery on North Interstate, rather than scattered across the city or—as with their ambitious 2016 edition—the state.

By contrast, the scope of the 2019 Biennial is wider and more far-reaching.

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The Most Surprising Thing About Angel Has Fallen Is That Angel Has Fallen Is Actually Pretty Good

Simon Varsano

Olympus Has Fallen was a forgettable Gerard Butler action movie vehicle best known for being the worse of two "Die Hard in a White House" movies released in 2013. (Here at the Mercury, at least, we haven't forgotten you, White House Down.) London Has Fallen was perfunctory "War on Terror" throwback schlock rife with tasteless xenophobia and mindless jingoism. But Angel Has Fallen, the third movie in the inelegantly named ______ Has Fallen series, pulls off an unexpected trick: It's actually pretty good! Star and co-producer Butler reportedly wanted to sunset the franchise in the spirit of 2017's masterful Logan, and damn if he didn't get pretty close.

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Good Morning, News: The Amazon Burns, Inslee Drops Out of Race, and Trump Is "Least Racist Person"

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Americans Favorite Climate Boy, Jay Inslee
American's Favorite Climate Boy, Jay Inslee Karen Ducey / Getty Images

End of Days or Nah? Protecting the Amazon Rainforest has long been considered the most effective way to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. Buuuuuut it's engulfed in flames. Now what?

Report From Kashmir: Residents of Kashmir continue to protest the Indian government's "tyrannical" attempt to take control of Kashmir, a Muslim-majority territory that that's claimed some autonomy from India for decades. "We have no voice. We are exploding from within,” a Kashmiri man tells Reuters.

Who? Donald Trump had quite a Wednesday. Aside from using a stream-of-consciousness press conference to call himself "the chosen one," the disoriented cult leader reminded reporters: “I am the least racist person ever to serve in office, OK? I am the least racist person."

Jay's Out of the Race: Climate change warrior Washington Gov. Jay Insee has dropped out of the presidential race, instead announcing a run for a third term at the governor's office.

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Mindhunter's Excellent Second Season Doesn't Give You What You Want

It’s strange that Netflix didn’t provide critics with advance screeners for the second season of Mindhunter, the true-crime thriller about the origins of the FBI Serial Crime Unit in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Instead, the nine new episodes hit the streaming service last Friday with little advance fanfare, and this week the internet’s been playing catch-up with what’s turned out to be a largely excellent new season. Of course, a big chunk of that internet catch-up has taken the form of sticking the show’s slightly clunky title into the lyrics of popular songs like Hall & Oates’ “Maneater,” the theme song to Goldfinger, and Fiddler on the Roof’s “Matchmaker.” This is good fun, but it’s at striking odds with the somber, soft-roiling tone of the show, which explores the psychology of serial killers—a topic usually dealt with luridly—in muted, measured steps. As such, it’s become a show that explores not just our base fascination with murderers, but also the media mechanisms (movies, true-crime podcasts, TV shows like this one) that have transformed them an industry. It’s a show about subverting expectations, metaphorically and literally.

Mindhunter is often described as a David Fincher project; he directed four episodes of the first season (including the pilot), and returns to direct the opening three episodes of the second season. To be sure, Fincher’s imprint—his directorial precision—is all over Mindhunter, and the show deals with topics that recur in his work (Se7en, Zodiac). But I think Fincher is getting a little too much credit—it’s important to remember that the show is based on a book by actual FBI agents John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker; furthermore, English playwright Joe Penhall is the series creator, and was primary writer for the first season, and other writers including Courtenay Miles and Joshua Donen contributed to this season, which feels very writer-driven. The drama hinges on meticulously crafted scenes of dialogue in drab, sometimes oppressively stuffy rooms, and the result is exhilarating, but—back to subverting expectations—not in the way you expect.

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Tickets on Sale NOW for the 2019 HUMP! Film Festival!


When we issued a "call for submissions" for an amateur porn film festival fifteen years ago... well, let's just say we had our doubts. We weren't sure anyone would make a dirty movie for a film festival playing in the city where they lived, much less enough people to fill up a festival. We were so unsure about whether anyone would submit a film to what we were calling "HUMP!" that we announced the festival without first booking a theater. Why put a deposit down on a venue when we weren't even sure we'd have enough films to screen? Or any films to screen? Our doubts were baseless. Films poured into our offices as the deadline approached. We were overwhelmed not just by the number of films, but by their quality. So we quickly booked a theater and announced that—holy shit—this was really happening!

Then we had new doubts. Would people watch porn the way their grandparents did? Would they come sit next to strangers in a dark theater and watch dirty movies? The answer to that question was YES. Yes, they would. Screenings sold out so fast that we had to double then triple the number of showtimes.

HUMP! has been going strong ever since! From the start HUMP! has showcased short dirty movies—maximum running time is five minutes—made just for HUMP! audiences by friends and lovers who are excited to share their unique visions of what porn can be. HUMP! films run the gamut from hardcore to softcore, live action to animation, serious to comic. HUMP! is queer and straight, cis and trans, vanilla and kinky, binary and non, inside your comfort zone and outside your comfort zone. And because we don't release HUMP! films online—or sell VHS tapes or DVDs—HUMP! makes it possible for people to be porn stars in a movie theater for a weekend without having to be porn stars for eternity on the internet. (Some HUMP! filmmakers release their movies online after the festival, but most of the films made for HUMP! can only be seen at HUMP!) And HUMP! now tours all of North America!

Tickets for the 15th Annual HUMP! Film Festival are ON SALE NOW! Some limited discounted early bird tix are still available! HUMP! tickets go fast and choice screenings sell out quickly—so get your tickets now!

All the dirty details...

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Following Protests, Mayor Wheeler Encourages People to Spend Money Downtown

Far-right protesters march in Portland on Saturday, August 17.
Far-right protesters march in Portland on Saturday, August 17. Stephanie Keith / Stringer

On the heels of a financially-draining weekend of dueling protests, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is asking locals and visitors to spend their money downtown this coming Saturday, Aug. 24.

“Whenever a situation like the one last Saturday happens, it has a negative effect on our local business community, their employees, and their families,” said Wheeler in a press release. “This is the busiest time of year, and businesses large and small have been significantly affected."

According to the Portland Business Alliance (PBA), downtown business owners say last Saturdays' alarming white nationalist rally—met by one thousand counter-protesters and hundreds of armored police officers—cost them $3 million in lost revenue. PBA and Travel Portland are both co-hosting the Saturday event.

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Ready or Not Review: Cracking Bone, Ripping Skin, and the Worst Wedding Ever

Eric Zachanowich

It was right around the time when newlywed Grace (Samara Weaving) punched her pre-teen nephew in the face and subsequently fell into a pit filled with decomposing bodies that I found myself completely shutting off to Ready or Not, the new horror-comedy from filmmaking collective Radio Silence.

From there, atrophy set in—rendering me numb to each subsequent act of violence that was supposed to shock and/or amuse me. In Ready or Not, the significant efforts—expended by screenwriters Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy, and co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett—to riff on awful rich people and the dumb shit we all do in the name of family are completely undermined by every moment of screeching histrionics and squishing flesh, with the filmmakers' attempts to land a big gut punch with the film's final line feels instead like getting gently slapped with a wet nap.

Which is too bad, because there's plenty of promise at the outset as Grace—on the night of her nuptials to Alex (Mark O’Brien), the heir to a board game empire—is gently pushed into a deadly, ritualistic game of hide and seek with her new family. The seekers are a miserable bunch of monied white people who act badly, treat each other like shit, and seem to think that their survival depends on murdering their newest family member.

But the acidic laughs wrung out of this scenario (particularly through the performances of Nicky Guadagni, as stone-faced, bloodthirsty Aunt Helene, and Melanie Scrofano as Emilie, this clan's drug-fueled daughter) are soon overtaken by the sounds of cracking bones and ripping skin, and no one, not even the wide-eyed Grace or her embittered, alcoholic brother-in-law (Adam Brody, in his best deadpan mode), elicits any measure of sympathy. As Ready or Not rolls on, it all becomes much too much of everything—a bit of playful, clever wrestling that, after turning into a full-out brawl, ends messily and ignominiously.

There Are More Women Executives in Cannabis Than in Other Sectors of the Economy, But There's Still Room for Improvement

The Cannabiz Agency/Getty Images
Where do women stand in the labor force, aside from underpaid?

According to the US Department of Labor, "Of the 123 million women age 16 years and over in the U.S., 72 million, or 58.6 percent, were labor force participants—working or looking for work. Women comprised 47 percent of the total U.S. labor force. Women are projected to account for 51 percent of the increase in total labor force growth between 2008 and 2018."

So, where do women stand in the cannabis labor force?

According to a new survey on women and minorities in the cannabis industry by Marijuana Business Daily, women are holding executive positions that account for more than one third of all such positions in cannabis. That's a hell of a lot better than the national average of 21 percent for women in executive positions for all industries combined.

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Good Morning, News: Trump Can't Buy Greenland, Detains More Migrant Kids, and is Anti-Semitic (Just Another Day!)

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Id love to buy Greenland, but Im simply too busy being racist and insane.
"I'd love to buy Greenland, but I'm simply too busy being racist and insane." Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! And the world is spinning, and she keeps on winning—but tell me what happens when it stops? LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Today in Trump's horrible, racist administration: The White House has announced a new regulation that would allow the US to indefinitely hold migrant families who cross the border, ignoring a former rule that put a time limit on how long children could remain in detention. It's expected to be immediately challenged in court.

Related: Trump's anti-Semitism reared its ugly head again when he said that any Jew who doesn't vote for him is "disloyal."

It only took one phone call from the NRA to make Trump furiously backpedal on his tough talk about guns, and now he's back to parroting NRA talking points and lying about Democrats violating the second amendment.

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City Releases New Information About June Police Shooting

Police tape blocks off The Lovejoy, a Pearl District building where an officer fatally shot David Downs in June.
Police tape blocks off The Lovejoy, a Pearl District building where an officer fatally shot David Downs in June. K Marie

The death of David Downs on June 9th marked the third fatal shooting by Portland Police in 2019.

Downs, 38, was shot by an officer after holding a woman hostage in a Pearl District stairwell and threatening to hurt her with a knife. He was homeless and estranged from his family at the time of his death, factors that might explain the lack of public outcry following the shooting.

Since his death, the public has learned little about Downs or the incident that prompted a police officer to shoot a bullet into his head. On Monday, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) released files documenting their investigation into Downs' shooting, which paint a more thorough picture of the events leading up to the June death.

Downs ended up in the stairwell of 1331 NW Lovejoy—a mixed-use building called "The Lovejoy"—after meeting Bethanie Johnson near Portland's Greyhound bus station the morning of June 9. Johnson, who was also homeless at the time, told detectives that she had never seen or interacted with Downs before that morning. Johnson said she agreed to walk to Safeway, which occupies the first two floors of The Lovejoy, with Downs and "shoot up" methamphetamine in the store's stairwell. Johnson said Downs was the only one who ended up smoking meth that morning. Afterwards, Downs and Johnson began "messing around" on the stair landing, and she took her pants off.

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