HUMP! Film Festival Returns Nov. 8-23

Oregon’s Population Growth Continues to Slow, PSU Research Finds

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Oregon’s population grew by more than 400,000 people over the last decade, according to new data from Portland State University (PSU)—but the state’s population growth is now slowing down.

Each year, PSU’s Population Research Center releases a report tracking population growth over the last year. Preliminary numbers for this year’s report, released Friday, show that between July 2018 and July 2019, the state’s population grew from 4,195,300 to 4,236,400—an overall 1 percent increase. That growth has much more to do with new people moving to Oregon than it did with the state’s birth and death rates, according to a PSU press release:

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Carmelo Anthony Is Coming to Portland

The NBA world lit up Thursday night with news that involuntarily dormant superstar Carmelo Anthony has finally found a home...with our own Portland Trail Blazers. He hasn't played for anyone since getting the axe from the Houston Rockets last November only ten games into the season. The knock on Anthony has been that he's too much of a big shot, unwilling to accept his declining abilities and no longer the clutch player he once was. Portland tried to get him to come here back in 2017, but he opted for Oklahoma City, where his steady decline began. Signing 'Melo is a move of desperation by our home team, a hail mary if there ever was one, but it could pay off...

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America's Favorite Dirty Movie Festival HUMP! Continues This Weekend!

Dan Savage hosting HUMP! last weekend at Revolution Hall.
Dan Savage hosting HUMP! last weekend at Revolution Hall. Austin McKee

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The funnest, craziest, and SEXIEST film fest ever, HUMP!, continues this weekend and next, and if you don't have your tickets yet—OH CRAP, YOU BETTER HURRY. For those just crawling out from underneath their rock, HUMP! is our home-grown film festival where local sexy people write, direct, and star in their own amateur five-minute porn movies. You'll see every stripe of sexual expression on screen, and—trust me when I say this—you'll never have a better time sitting in a movie theater. HUMP audiences scream, laugh, and have the time of their lives supporting these brave kinksters, and those who miss out on getting tickets will surely regret it. (Psst! Check out the super sexy and NSFW HUMP trailer here!)

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now for HUMP! 2019—it'll screen over the next two weekends at Revolution Hall (Nov 15-16, 22-23) and depending on what show you see, they'll be hosted by myself (Wm. Steven Humphrey) OR comedian (and former HUMP! winner) Kate Murphy!

This year's HUMP! fest is the best yet—SO DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FUN!

Shopping Local for the Unusually Weird Gift

Andy & Bax
Andy & Bax Kathleen Marie / Mercury Staff

Your friends aren’t like other friends, and therefore the usual style of gift giving (bottles of wine, socks, tins of popcorn) won’t work. That’s why we’ve put together a great list of great places where you’ll find gifts that are just as weird and unusual as the company you keep.

Made in Milwaukie

Okay, one of my favorite Portland shops isn’t exactly in Portland—it’s in Milwaukie, which is just a two-minute skootch over the Southeast city line. It’s Made in Milwaukie, a former video/DVD shop that sells local art, buttons, hats, doodads, and the funniest, coolest T-shirts I’ve seen in ages... all championing Milwaukie and stuff in its vicinity. Expertly designed, these shirts feature old-school renderings of Milwaukie Bowl, local mini-marts, chopper shops, Oaks Park skating rink, Blazers stuff, and my personal fave, a parody of those Southern California tourism tees that’s singing the praises of “Unincorporated Clackamas County.” These are witty, well-made, and a must for any Milwaukie lover (like ME) on your gift-giving list. (2026 SE Monroe, Milwaukie) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Andy & Bax

Everyone loves Next Adventure for its colorful raincoats and very cool water bottles—but have you been introduced to its old paranoid uncle who lives in a booby-trapped cabin and hasn’t bought a new pair of wool socks since the ’70s? Meet Andy & Bax, the army surplus store that carries both high-quality wilderness adventure gear and an extensive selection of gas masks and parachutes. Pick up a new water filtration system, camp stove, sleeping bag, or knit hat for your adventurous friends—and maybe a communist-era Russian hat and survival guidebook for your own old paranoid uncle. (324 SE Grand) ALEX ZIELINSKI


Kinokuniya, the Japanese-based retailer that recently took over the long-vacant Guild Theatre space, offers a carefully curated selection of books guaranteed to enthrall lovers of art, design, and adorable animals. Upstairs, you’ll find an entire loft dedicated to imported anime and video game art books and manga. Elsewhere, stationery supplies, Studio Ghibli gear, toys, games, and delightful Nanoblock kits make for ideal stocking stuffers. Once you’ve picked out a unique gift for everyone on your list, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some sweets and authentic Japanese tea from the Book of Tea Café that’s tucked away in the back of the store. (829 SW 9th) CHIPP TERWILLIGER

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The Good Liar Review: Mirren and McKellen Eye-Fucking Isn’t Enough

Chiabella James

The Good Liar is likely the most bonkers film I will see this year. What begins as a cautionary tale about the dangers of grandma’s online dating unfolds into a baffling series of reveals, all of which support the twist that we already gleaned from the trailer: Roy (Ian McKellen) is trying to double cross Betty (Helen Mirren) and take her money... but she's not that easy to trick! How all that happens, though? I could never have predicted it. What a septuagenarian mine cart ride!

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Good Morning, News: GOP Corruption Leads to School Shooting, Roger Stone Guilty, and Trump Commits Crime DURING Impeachment Hearings!

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Trump tries witness tampering on former ambassador Yovanovitch WHILE SHES TESTIFYING. Wow. You sincerely cannot make this shit up.
Trump tries witness tampering on former ambassador Yovanovitch WHILE SHE'S TESTIFYING. Wow. You sincerely cannot make this shit up. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Mmm, baby, I'm so into you. Darlin', if you only knew all the things that flow through my mind. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

GOOD MORNING, IMPEACHMENT: Former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch is testifying before the impeachment committee this morning. You may remember her as the ambassador who was the victim of a smear campaign from Trump and his cronies (like Giuliani) because she was interfering with the president's attempted corruption. PLOT TWIST: Trump continued to smear Yovanovitch on Twitter this morning DURING HER TESTIMONY, which Adam Schiff correctly labeled as the crime of "WITNESS INTIMIDATION." Hahahahahaaaaaaa! Trump literally cannot stop committing crimes!

And this just in:

Meanwhile, the GOP is switching tactics again after being faced with undeniable facts about the president's corruption: they're no longer calling it a "witch hunt," because now it's a "distraction."

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Shop Local: Giving the Gift of Cannabis

Oregons Finest
Oregon's Finest Dan G. Cole

If you’re thinking about giving your friends cannabis this holiday season, YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. And if you need help on where to search out these gifts, here are a few of our fave dispensaries, and good places to start your search.

La Mota

Oregon’s cannabis shops are quickly being gobbled up by big, homogenous conglomerates, but La Mota maintains its status as a locally owned chain with a Latinx woman CEO at the helm. And look, it may not be the fanciest pot shop in town—but dammit, it is the most convenient, the friendliest, and the one that will give you the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re looking to buy a shit-ton of cheap joints for all your buddies, some top-shelf craft nugs for your favorite cannabis connoisseur, or gummies to help you get through a trip home for the holidays, the folks at La Mota will hook you up, and do it with a smile. (Multiple locations, BLAIR STENVICK


When I was planning my first visit to a dispensary, I asked for a lot of suggestions, and Farma kept popping off everyone’s lips. And I get why! This Hawthorne spot is centrally located, very sleek and comfortable, and has top-notch employees who helpfully guided me to very worthwhile purchases. Plus they have a ton of selection and good prices, which makes it a great place to get your pals the right tree to slip underneath their tree. (916 SE Hawthorne) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY


Walking into Serra’s downtown location is a little like walking into a design magazine. With its high ceilings and bright lights, their showroom is so beautiful that, at first, it made me want to ask, “Am I allowed to be in here?” That was then—now I breeze in like, “Yes, I do deserve to be on the cover of the fashion spread that is this dispensary.” The staff is wonderfully patient and knowledgeable. (220 SW 1st, 2519 SE Belmont) SUZETTE SMITH


Strolling into Jayne will instantaneously give you the feeling you’re in good hands. The relaxed, homey atmosphere beckons you, the flower is always fresh, and the staff will patiently walk you through their selections without making you feel like a big dumb dummy. Plus they have lots of community events and (get this) a grinder and rolling station onsite. Now that’s a shop that knows and appreciates their customer base. (2145 NE MLK) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Collective Awakenings

The first time I walked into this dispensary was on one of those long, wet Portland days where you feel like you’ll never be warm again. But when I stepped into Collective Awakenings, I found myself surrounded by a warm, dry, weed-smelling environment that reminded me of a holistic medical office. Their staff have always been so sweet to me that they border on therapeutic. (2823 NE Sandy) SUZETTE SMITH

Oregon’s Finest

This grower-owned and -operated company was the first state-licensed cannabis dispensary in Oregon—so they know of what they speak. And what they speak of is high quality, award-winning, small-batch cannabis and an impressive array of products including flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and transdermals. My go-to spot is their MLK location conveniently located across from the Convention Center, where whip-smart employees always happily educate me on their products and what I can expect from their effects (which is not easy because I’m a low-tolerance snowflake). Their great displays make gift shopping easy, but don’t pass by their very cool-looking Oregon’s Finest apparel—like their products, their branding game is strong! (736 NE MLK, 1327 NW Kearney) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

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Portlanders Might Get to Vote on Replacing the City's Form of Government in 2020

Cosmonaut / Getty Images

The November 2020 election might give Portlanders another chance to scrap the city's outdated form of government.

Nine months after publishing a report on the disadvantages of Portland's antiquated government structure, the City Club of Portland is looking to hire a campaign consultant to research if a 2020 ballot measure calling for a new form of government would be a success. The City Club, a civic-minded nonprofit, says the decision was inspired by the public's positive response to the February 2019 report.

"We believe it's time to test the waters," says City Club spokesperson Erin Haley.

The City Club's report gave a detailed history on Portland's 106-year-old "commission" form of government—a wonky structure that tasks five Portland commissioners, including the mayor, with overseeing a number of massive city bureaus such as parks, transportations, and police.

Unlike the vast majority of modern city governments, Portland City Council members are not elected to represent a specific regions of a city, where they would be required to live and to represent in city council meetings. Instead, all of Portland commissioners are expected to speak for the city’s entire population, while also overseeing specific city bureaus.

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Savage Love: Meeting Up With a "Long-Lost" Sibling and a Long-Despised Mom—What Could Go Wrong?


I'm a 27-year-old female fan from the UK. My mum had twins "out of wedlock" in the 1970s. She didn't have the financial or emotional support from her Catholic community, so she gave them both up for adoption. They were both adopted together to stable, affluent parents, but due to the laws at the time, she never even knew where they were. She left her own details in a file for them just in case, though. Last year, one of the twins reached out. He and my mum started emailing and soon met up for the first time. Soon after, I met my brother too. It's been a great experience so far, and I've enjoyed meeting him one-on-one and getting to know him, although as you can imagine he is totally different from me in so many ways. But we get on well. (His is alive and well but for more complex reasons we won't be meeting anytime soon.)

Here's my problem: I don't get on with my mum at all. She's not a bad person, but we really clash. I dislike her a lot and we fight all the time, in fact when I was a teenager we used to get into physical scraps. She makes me incredibly anxious and I don't enjoy being around her. I'm happy for her about this reconnection with her long-lost son, and I don't want to poison my brother's view of his birthmother and sabotage this for him or for her. My mum's waited over four decades to make this relationship happen and I don't want to ruin things between them. But my mum keeps insisting we all meet up when she next comes to from Ireland next month to visit, as that seems like a nice and natural thing to do. But her and I together are a disaster, especially in front of someone else. I don't want him to see this.

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It’s Okay to Love Elizabeth Banks But Hate Charlie’s Angels


I love Elizabeth Banks, and I intend to continuing loving Elizabeth Banks. I do not love the newest reboot of Charlie’s Angels, which Elizabeth Banks wrote and directed. And I won’t lie… I feel bad about that.

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Ford v Ferrari Review: Old Cars, White Guys, and a Celebration of Old Cars and White Guys

Merrick Morton

If you’re a lover of car-racing movies, you should probably check out Ford v Ferrari—because this film is likely to be one of the last of its kind. A biopic about the late ’60s rivalry between failing racecar company Ferrari and the “wants to be sexy soooo bad” Ford Motor Company, F v F is about how corporations can’t help but crush the passion and innovation they so desperately need. In this case, the crushees are race car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and driving phenom Ken Miles (Christian Bale), both of whom are forced to cajole, finagle, and manipulate the suits at Ford in an attempt to win the famed Le Mans road race.

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Take the Mercury Reader Survey—You Could Win $250!

Valeriya21 / iStock / Getty

Here are two things I know about you: 1) You have smart opinions. 2) You like eaaaaasy money. That's why you're the perfect person to take the Mercury Reader Survey! Look, we want to do a good job for you. We think we know what you like, but we want to be sure, y'know? That's why taking the Mercury Reader Survey, and letting us know what you do and don't appreciate about Portland's sweetest l'il newspaper is really important to us—because we take our job seriously and we really want to be better... FOR YOU!

The survey's not that long, it'll only take about 15 minutes, and if you complete it, you'll be in the running for a cash prize of $250! Does your current job pay you $250 every 15 minutes? NO IT DOES NOT! (But if it does... are you guys hiring?)

WE WANT YOUR SINCERE OPINIONS! So if you support local journalism (and funny stuff) please take a few minutes to fill out the Mercury Reader Survey here. It'll make us better, and you (possibly) richer! Thank you, YOU'RE COOL!

Good Morning, News: A Very Special Impeachment Episode, and a Horny Shark Tank Star!

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes and minority counsel Steve Castor share a tender bro moment at Wednesdays impeachment hearing.
Republican Rep. Devin Nunes and minority counsel Steve Castor share a tender bro moment at Wednesdays impeachment hearing. drew angerer / Getty images

Good morning, Portland! As we wade ass-deep into these impeachment hearings, a friendly reminder: The US federal government has been doing shady shit for a long time!

Here are the headlines.

Impeachment? I Barely Knew Peach! Yesterday brought the first public, televised, Very Special Impeachment Episode of the Trump presidency. New details emerged, nobody knew how to say Kiev, Republicans continued to defend Trump, and Democrats invited Trump to come testify for himself. There, I just saved you several hours, but you can see more here.

By the 'Book: You know who this whole impeachment thing has been great for? Mark Zuckerberg! Impeachment ads—both those pushing for impeachment, and those from Trump and his supporters railing against impeachment—are bringing in millions for Facebook.

A Fated Alliance:

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Blazers Recap: Ugh. Blazers Lose Another One

Bruce Ely -

It's tough times for our Portland Trail Blazers. They've now lost six out of their last seven games, their slowest start in years, and fans are getting uneasy. On Wednesday night they fell to the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors, a good team, but certainly beatable. Toronto is not the juggernaut they were last season, and they were missing some key players to boot. Blazer captain Damian Lillard only managed to score nine points, his lowest total of the season. There were a few bright spots and it was a close game throughout, with nine lead changes, but Toronto ran away with it in the final minutes. The score was 106-114.

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Study Finds PTSD Symptoms Alleviated by Cannabis Use


Cannabis has a number of benefits for those who use it, including offering relief from stress, pain, insomnia, low appetite, and compromised libido. There's also longstanding anecdotal evidence that it’s good for one of the most widespread and growing health issues: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A study released last week shows that those suffering from PTSD who use cannabis experience lower rates of depression and thoughts of suicide.

Via Marijuana Moment comes the news that those "suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who consume marijuana experience significantly fewer depressive episodes and lower rates of suicidal ideation compared to non-users."

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