Blazer's Recap:BLAZERS WIN!

We'll have a full recap up in the morning but for now this is all you need to know:

And with that the Blazers defeated the OKC Thunder 118-115 to advance to the second round of the playoffs!

Portland Judge Will Block Trump's Title X Abortion Restrictions

Protesters rallying against Trumps Title X rule in February.
Protesters rallying against Trump's Title X rule in February. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

A federal judge in Portland has signaled his intent to block a new Trump administration rule that could significantly restrict low-income Americans from receiving reproductive health care. The federal rule, coming from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is slated to go into effect on May 3.

Judge Michael McShane did not issue a formal ruling at the end of Tuesday's four-hour hearing on a national injunction against the rule, brought by the Oregon Department of Justice and 20 other states. However, McShane expressed his clear opposition to the feds' "ham-fisted approach to public health policy" and said he will grant the plaintiffs' injunction within the next few days.

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Blazers Preview: HUGE Game Tonight!

Bruce Ely/

It's a showdown in Rip City tonight as the Trailblazers take on Oklahoma City in game five of their best of seven playoff series. This first round match-up has been a doozy, featuring wild shots, crazy taunts, and sweet revenge for our hometown heroes. With a 3-1 lead in the series, a victory tonight would send them into the second round to face either the Denver Nuggets or the San Antonio Spurs. All eyes will be on the heated rivalry between Blazer point guard Damian Lillard and OKC's Russell Westbrook. The two players have been jawing back and forth all year, with Westbrook taking the upper hand during the regular season, but Lillard is looking to have the last laugh as he's clearly outplayed his counterpart in this series.

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Oregon District Attorneys Association Uses Misleading Report to Stop Criminal Justice Reform


The Oregon District Attorneys Association (ODAA) is circulating a report that criminal justice experts say is laden with misleading assertions and ethical problems, in an effort to dissuade state lawmakers from voting in favor of youth criminal justice reform.

“This report is not intended to be a measured assessment,” says Mark Leymon, a criminology and criminal justice professor at Portland State University. “I don’t feel like it’s at all close to an accurate representation of what’s going on with youth in the system.”

ODAA is using the report to argue against Senate Bill 1008, an omnibus bill that would reverse parts of Measure 11, a ballot initiative passed by Oregon voters in 1994. The measure imposed strict mandatory minimum sentences, or obligatory sentence lengths, for certain violent crimes—and required that 15, 16, and 17-year-olds charged with a Measure 11 crime automatically be referred to the adult court system, rather than juvenile court.

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The Trump-Adjusted Supreme Court Appears Ready to Uphold 2020 Citizenship Question

Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, President Trumps additions to the US Supreme Court.
Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's additions to the US Supreme Court. Getty Images

It hasn't happened since the 1950s, yet unsurprisingly the Trump administration wants to bring back a question for the 2020 US census asking whether respondents are US citizens.

Three federal judges have already blocked the plan, saying the Trump administration's rationale for bringing back the question—that it's necessary to ask people whether they're citizens in order to enforce the 1965 Voting Rights Act—is nonsense. ("A senior Justice Department official conceded in a sworn deposition last year that the data was not actually required," The New York Times notes.)

What no one seems to disagree on is that asking people about their citizenship status will lead to lower participation in the 2020 census—especially in urban centers, which could lead to states such as California losing Congressional representation. "There’s no doubt that people will respond less,” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said at today's Supreme Court hearing on the issue. But the court's conservative majority, according to reports, seems ready to let Trump ask a citizenship question anyway.

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Grass Is Greener: New Netflix Documentary Spotlights Portland Cannabis Industry Leaders

In case you missed it over the 4/20 weekend, Netflix released Grass Is Greener, a documentary that explores America’s complicated relationship with cannabis. And holy shit, is it riveting. Directed and narrated by Fab 5 Freddy (AKA Fred Brathwaite), the thing starts off detailing just how many influential jazz musicians used cannabis for creative purposes (back then, they called it “jive”), and began the process of normalizing its use for the masses. The film then gets into how hip-hop and reggae music influenced our culture’s views surrounding weed. In addition to various experts and scientists, there are interviews with music legends like Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, Damian Marley, DMC, Cypress Hill’s B Real, Chuck D, Doug E. Fresh and others.

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Hooray for the 2019 Oregon Book Award Winners!


The winners of the 2019 Oregon Book Awards have been announced, and I'm excited to report that the Leni Zumas' very deserving Red Clocks won the Ken Kesey Award for Fiction! Red Clocks not only received a glowing review from the Mercury's former Arts Editor Megan Burbank upon its release, but was also highlighted in our round-up of the top books of 2018 where Joshua James Amberson wrote:

Based on proposed legislation, Red Clocks is stunning and horrifying in how it imagines the potential reality of the pro-life agenda. But the book works because it’s about people—five women who are complex, flawed, and real. It’s not a political book. It’s a book about how politics operate as an undercurrent in our lives. It’s a book about the marketing of motherhood and how cultural measures of success infiltrate our minds. Zumas is bold in how she allows the book’s biggest moments to be quiet, understated, and uncomfortable—just as significant moments often are in real life.

Other Portland authors who won awards last night are: Emily Whitman, Kenneth R. Coleman, Andrea Stolowitz, Matthew Minicucci, and Beth Wood. Check out the full list of winners and after the jump!

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Good Morning, News: 11 Climate Activists Arrested in Portland, The Latest on Sri Lanka, and the Supreme Court's Big Week

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

Good morning, Portland! Here is your friendly reminder that we have just four days until tickets go on sale for Lizzo at Edgefield.

Here are the headlines.

That's a No From Nancy: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning fellow Democrats not to proceed with impeachment proceedings for Trump. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris has just joined fellow 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren in calling for impeachment.

The Supremes: The US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in the question of whether a citizenship question should appear on the 2020 Census. It's a big week for the court—this comes one day after it indicated it would soon consider the issue of LGBTQ workplace discrimination.

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Nancy Pelosi Again Says No to Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi, not in a hurry to ITMFA.
Nancy Pelosi, not in a hurry to ITMFA. Alex Edelman / Getty Images

In the wake of the redacted Mueller report, a number of Democrats are demanding impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Among them: AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Maxine Waters in the House of Representatives and Elizabeth Warren in the Senate.

Plus, Seattle's Congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, has been on the record supporting impeachment since 2017 and now sits on the House Judiciary Committee, where any impeachment proceedings would begin. Jayapal said in a statement last week that Congress needs to see the full, unreacted Mueller report so it can perform its "Constitutional duty."

But Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is telling the ITMFA crowd to—once again—slow down.

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THING, a New Multi-Disciplinary Arts Festival, Will Happen in Port Townsend in August

The inaugural THING festival is taking place in Port Townsend, Washington, during the last weekend in August, and today we got a look at what this THING might actually entail. It's the brainchild of Adam Zacks, former booker of the Gorge's annual Sasquatch! Festival, which 'quatched its last 'quatch in May 2018. THING appears to pick up where Sasquatch! left off, and rather than a Pacific Northwest version of Coachella (a trend Sasquatch! was bending toward out of necessity), appears to be targeting a smaller, more mature audience of 30- to 50-somethings and their families. (The biggest tell is that kids 13 and under get in for free.)

But the coolest "thing" about THING looks to be its deemphasis of your standard music festival experience (see 10,000 bands; get daydrunk and sunburned) in favor of showcasing multiple artistic disciplines. Alongside the musical performers—which include Jeff Tweedy, De La Soul, Japanese Breakfast, Mexico's Café Tacvba, and Portland's own Black Belt Eagle Scout—are actors, comedians, podcasters, and more, doing presumably non-musical things. (Or, in the case of John C. Reilly, an actor playing music.) That means we get Macaulay Culkin and Stephen Tobolowsky doing live podcast tapings; stand-up comedians like Todd Barry; terrific writers/performers in the form of Lindy West and Natasha Lyonne; and curios like Napoleon Dynamite Live! and a scripted reading of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. I have no idea what some of these performances will look like! And that's THING's ultimate strength. Well, that and a total dodge of the EDM/dance/whoompwoomp acts that typically attract younger crowds to the bigger music festivals.

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What Buttigieg Gets Right About Bernie Supporters and Trump Supporters

Mayor Pete, whisperer to the blow up the system constituency.
Mayor Pete, whisperer to the "blow up the system" constituency. Scott Eisen / Getty Images

The New York Post has a headline today that suggests there's something shocking about Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg noting similarities between Bernie Sanders voters and Trump voters. Drudge then takes it a half step further, telling his massive audience that Buttigieg "compares Bernie fans to MAGA supporters."

Conservative outlets may find this storyline interesting because it has the potential to spin up some intra-party feuding on the left, with Bernie backers getting pissed at Buttigieg for saying they're just like Trump fanatics.

But one, that's not exactly what Buttigieg is saying, and two, the results of the 2016 presidential election show there was a large—and potentially decisive—group of voters who backed Bernie and then, when he didn't win the Democratic nomination, backed Trump.

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Lizzo Just Announced a Second Leg of Her Tour. First Stop: Edgefield!

Atlantic Records

Chin-up, Portland! So what if you couldn't snag tickets to Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" tour stop at Roseland this week? The curvaceous queen just announced a second leg—dubbed the "Cuz I Love You Too" tour—and it'll kick off right here at the McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale on Thursday, July 18. God bless.

In case you're living under a rock, Lizzo is the rapper/singer/flautist that's stealing everyone's heart in 2019 with her single "Juice," empowering message, soul-fired vocals, and legendary twerking skills. On Friday the artist released her studio debut, Cuz I Love You, a follow-up to her fantastic Coconut Oil EP from 2016. Her new album, out on Atlantic Records, is also excellent. (It even bumped Beyoncé's Homecoming live album from its No. 1 spot on iTunes.)

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Game of Thrones Discussion Group: Episode 2 - "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

Helen Sloan/HBO
We've entered the home stretch of Game of Thrones's final season, with last night's episode the calm before the upcoming storm. Since no one else on the internet is discussing this obscure HBO show, a few Stranger and Mercury folks have taken it upon themselves to break down each episode, week by week, until there are no more weeks left.

The discussion group commences below. Yes, there are spoilers.

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A Reading List for the End of the World: The Best, Weirdest, and Scariest Books About Climate Change


"It is worse, much worse, than you think.” So begins journalist David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, a book about climate change that reminds you, chapter after chapter, that even if you think you know how bad things are, and even if you think you know how much worse they’re going to get, you probably have no fucking idea. Humanity, writes Wallace-Wells, is facing a crisis that is literally existential—one “in which our best-case outcome is death and suffering at the scale of 25 Holocausts, and the worst-case outcome puts us on the brink of extinction.”

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Local Hero Eats 45 Pizza Week Slices; Check Out His Top Five!

Hot Lips (Pearl) "Temple of Shroom" Pizza Week Slice

Another successful Portland Mercury Pizza Week has come and gone (and thanks to all the restaurants and hard-working employees who participated), which means it's time to check in with Portland's most devoted Pizza Week fan, Andy Mesa.

For the last four years this gustatory hero has challenged himself to eat every slice on the Pizza Week menu. (See a quick profile on Andy here from KOIN.) This year, according to his reviews, he ate 45 slices of pizza in six days. HOLY CRAP! That alone would be heroic enough (or self-destructive if you're a pessimist), but he also performed a great public service by writing a daily diary on Reddit that reviewed each of the slices he ingested. A tough but fair critic, Andy had a lot to say about what he ate, and if you enjoyed Pizza Week, you should check out his reviews to see if your thoughts matched up with his!

Even better, Andy ranked his top five slices for 2019, and here are a couple of them, starting with #2:

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