Third Angle New Music Wins MAP Fund Grant

Ann Lewis/Third Angle

Long-standing contemporary classical ensemble Third Angle New Music announced today that they've won a $25,000 grant from the MAP Fund, the New York-based organization that, for the past three decades, has provided funds for original live performance projects.

The money will be used by Third Angle to help fund their staging of Sanctuaries, a “jazz-classical chamber opera” written by Portland Jazz Master and PSU instructor Darrell Grant with a libretto by two-time National Poetry Slam Champion Anis Mojgani. According to Third Angle, the work focuses on “personal stories from the Albina neighborhood” while challenging “Portland as a community to truly listen to and acknowledge marginalized voices while addressing issues of white privilege, racial equity and inclusion, and economic disparity.”

In a statement released through Third Angle’s Twitter account, Grant gave his thanks to the MAP Fund, saying, “As I dig into the writing this summer, I am affirmed in the knowledge that this kind of community-driven, ambitious work is being given a place among the upper levels of artistic support.”

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What We’re Watching: Fosse/Verdon, Jessica Jones, Movie-Nerd Manna, and More

Fosse/Verdon Pari Dukovic/FX
Here at the Mercury, we watch stuff. Hey, we're just like you! Here's some of the television and streaming material we've been pointing our eyeballs at in recent weeks, so if you've been looking for something new to point your eyeballs at, we've got suggestions.

I'm currently blazing though Fosse/Verdon, which is a biopic on the great choreographer/director Bob Fosse and his tumultuous creative and romantic relationship with the also-fantastic Broadway dancer/actress Gwen Verdon. Unlike the Fosse-directed 1979 flick All That Jazz, Fosse/Verdon correctly identifies Verdon not only as Fosse's muse, but instrumental to the success of most of Fosse's creative endeavors. While Sam Rockwell's narcissistic portrayal of Fosse is sharply on-point, don't miss another amazing performance from Michelle Williams as Verdon. She's one of the greatest actors of this generation, and we'd all do well to start recognizing it. (FX)—Wm. Steven Humphrey, Editor-in-Chief

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New Report Names ODOT's I-5 Plan One of the Worst Highway Projects in the Country


The Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) $450 million plan to revamp Interstate 5 in the Rose Quarter is nothing more than a "highway boondoggle," according to a new report out today that analyzes the project in the wider context of other freeway plans across the country.

ODOT says its Rose Quarter Improvement Project, which will add new shoulder lanes to either side of a 1.7 mile stretch of I-5 that’s known for clogging up car traffic, should help improve congestion, reduce carbon emissions from car engines idling in traffic, and make that highway portion safer for both commuters and first responders. But those who oppose or are skeptical of the project—a broad club that includes Portland Transportation Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, Metro Regional Government, Portland Public Schools, and many others—say the project wouldn’t do much to improve traffic in the long term, and could have a devastating effect on its surrounding neighborhoods, both from an environmental and societal perspective. They have also cast doubt on the methodology ODOT used to predict lowered carbon emissions and reduced traffic.

All those points are explored in “Highway Boondoggles 5,” the latest roundup of dubious American freeway construction projects compiled by the U.S. Public Research Interest Group (U.S. PIRG). From the report:

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Get Your Tickets Now for the New Sex/Comedy Show, "Talkin' Dirty with Shrista & AJ"!


Look out, America! The Portland Mercury and She Bop have a brand new, live show that pairs your favorite things in the world: SEX AND COMEDY. It’s Talkin’ Dirty with Shrista & AJ, starring the hilarious Shrista Tyree and beloved sex educator/entertainer Amory Jane. In this new monthly series, Shrista and AJ will bring you a wild and funny evening filled with comedy from local and national comedians, lots of real talk, and a live sex ed demonstration from one of the top educators in the field!

And for our debut show, Shrista and AJ will be joined by queer comedian D Martin Austin and sex educator Dr. Liz Powell who will teach us successful methods for talking dirty, as well as negotiation techniques for getting what we want out of sex! Plus, there will be lots of lively conversation, games, and surprises galore!

Don’t miss the maiden voyage of what will surely be the funniest, sexiest show in town:

Talkin’ Dirty with Shrista & AJ
Thurs June 27, 7:30 pm doors / 8 pm show
The Siren Theater, 315 NW Davis
$15 advance at, $20 door

Brought to you by the Portland Mercury, and Portland’s favorite all-inclusive sex shop, She Bop!

Portland Wing Week 2019: Here Are All the Wings You Can Eat, June 24-29!


Listen, Portland. We love you. And we love wings. So the Portland Mercury is teaming up with our pals at Jim Beam, Oregon's Finest, and dozens of local bars and restaurants to bring you the 2019 edition of Portland Wing Week—6 wings for $5, all over town!

Here's a map of all of the wing week locations:


RSVP to the Facebook event for updates!

Click here for Portland's most comprehensive Food & Drink Calendar.

Portland Hospitals Funnel Vulnerable Patients Into Criminal Justice System, Report Finds


In Portland, some people seeking help at a hospital will be treated by a doctor and leave with a long-term plan to address their specific health needs. Others might get the cops called on them.

A new report by Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) reviews every instance—over the course of one year—where officers with the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) were called to one of six local hospitals to address what hospital staff call an “unwanted” person. In police terms, these are people who appear to be violating Oregon’s criminal trespass law by not leaving the hospital after being asked to leave.

The majority of the 142 cases inspected by DRO involved people who were seeking health care or who had just been discharged from care at the hospital. Most of those arrested after being discharged identified as homeless. Thirty percent of all reports included someone who was seeking mental health care and 74 percent of the cases involved someone who wasn’t posing any kind of physical threat.

The vast majority of these incidents (94 percent) ended in a person’s arrest.

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Good Morning, News: Cap and Trade Passes the House, and the Sweet Cakes by Melissa Saga Drags On

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Rep. Karin Power

Good morning, Portland! Have you done your good deed for the day yet?

Here are the headlines.

Power for the People: HB2020, the historic state cap-and-trade bill, passed an Oregon House vote yesterday, after six hours of debate on the floor. Milwaukie Rep. Karin Power, the bill's architect, waded through a small but mighty Republican opposition to get the damn thing passed last night; now it goes to the Senate floor.

A Piece of Cake: Remember when you had to expend a lot of mental energy thinking about a bakery in Gresham? Well, buckle up, because the Sweet Cakes by Melissa saga is getting another day in court (and possibly another, and another). The US Supreme Court declined yesterday to hear the case of a baker who refused to do her damn job because she doesn't like gay people, but it's sending it back to the Oregon Court of Appeals for a second look.

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The Supreme Court Won't Hear the Gresham Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case—But It's Not Dead Yet

getty images / AmberLaneRoberts

The US Supreme Court declined Monday to hear the case of a Gresham bakery that was fined for refusing to sell a cake to same-sex couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer in 2013. But this isn't the end for the highly publicized Sweet Cakes by Melissa case. That's because the Supreme Court also asked the Oregon Court of Appeals to reconsider the case, this time in the context of a new precedent set by another legal battle involving a gay couple and a bakery.

The Bowman-Cryers are being represented by Jennifer Pizer, the senior counsel at LGBTQ+ civil rights organization Lambda Legal. Pizer told the Mercury that the Supreme Court’s decision to send the case back to the Oregon Court of Appeals is “frustrating, because this means more delay” before the Bowman-Cryers can find closure. However, she believes the Oregon court system will again side with her clients.

“We think the law is clear, and has been clear for a long time, that religious beliefs do not excuse discrimination by a business,” Pizer said.

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Interview: Steve Hauschildt Finally Makes it to Portland


When Steve Hauschildt takes the stage at Holocene this Wednesday, June 19, it will be the first time the electronic artist/producer from Chicago has performed live in Portland as a solo artist. That’s a normal state of affairs for a newcomer, but Hauschildt has been making music to great acclaim since the early ‘00s on his own and as a member of the beloved trio Emeralds. Even though he did make it here on a couple of occasions with his former band, he somehow hadn’t added us to his tour schedule until this year.

The oversight was unintentional, Hauschildt says. And one that can be easily forgiven in light of the fine music he has release while we’ve been waiting for his arrival. After Emeralds split in 2013, Hauschildt dove into a full-time solo career, releasing a pair of stunning albums on Kranky—2015’s Where All Is Fled, which employed the pulse of arpeggiated melodies and taffy-like synth drones, and 2016’s Strands, a record that found him diving in similar waters while also dipping his toes into a bit of electro.

Last year, Hauschildt released the remarkable Dissolvi, his first for Ghostly International, and the first to find him trying his hand at material that could easily slip into the set of an adventurous DJ. Songs like “Lyngr” and “Aroid” find a perfect sweet spot where the worlds of the Midwest techno scene and the dreampop of groups like Slowdive and Seefeel share sensual accord. The album also features vocalists for the first time, with the experimental artists GABI and Julianna Barwick each contributing their voices to a track on Dissolvi. Both women add indelible texture and beauty to already gorgeous music.

In advance of his debut Portland solo performance, we hopped on the phone with Hauschildt to talk about the creation of Dissolvi, working with singers for the first time, and the changes his music has undergone over the past decade.

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This Storm Review: Only a Third of James Ellroy’s New Novel Is Actually about Nazis

(Book Cover)

While promoting his new stand-up special, comedian Anthony Jeselnik explained that the only reason he’s able to get away with his particular brand of dark, defiantly non-PC humor in our politically-charged era is because he’s been doing it for so long that he’s been grandfathered in. That feels like a reasonable enough explanation for how celebrated crime novelist James Ellroy—who loves placing nasty, jazzy epithets in the mouths of his down-and-dirty characters—will escape scrutiny for his latest opus, This Storm. Ellroy has been writing like this for so long, and his prose is so great, that he’s been given a lifetime pass.

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If You Had a Fun Pride Weekend, Consider Donating to a Local LGBTQ+ Cause Today


Hello, queer and ally Portlanders! Did you have a great time at this weekend’s Pride festivities? Because the Mercury definitely had a great time.

Portland’s LGBTQ+ community has dealt with some serious shit in the last year, but it really was heartwarming to march in the parade and see so many happy queer faces, young and old and in between. Seeing the droves of straight people eager to celebrate their queer loved ones was also inspiring—which leads me to make this suggestion: If you had an epic Pride weekend, and especially if you’re straight and cisgender and had an epic Pride weekend, then you might want to extend the love by donating to a local charity or nonprofit that helps LGBTQ+ people in Portland.

There's no shortage of commendable queer-focused organizations in Portland; here are a few suggestions:

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Pride Parade Photos: The Mercury Celebrates Pride

Meg Nanna

It was a gorgeous Pride day in Portland, and the Mercury showed up and showed out in the city's funnest and most boisterous parade. The crowds were as thick and as positive as I've ever seen, and if there were any rando homophobes (I didn't see any) they were buried alive by the queer-friendly throngs. The Mercury was there and marching, and this year's theme (orchestrated and designed by crackerjack art director Kathleen Marie) was "Under the Sea." Here are some extra juicy pics! Hope your Pride was as great as ours.

Meg Nanna

Meg Nanna

Beth Roy
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Good Morning, News: Hong Kong Protests, Iran Goes Nuclear, and Portland Gets Proud

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Poseidon, the Mercurys Editor In Chief
Poseidon, the Mercury's Editor In Chief meg nanna

Good morning, Portland! We hope you celebrated Portland's LGBTQ+ community and/or dads to their full extent this weekend. Here’s how the Mercury spent its Sunday:

Iran Goes Nuclear: Iran is on track to exceed nuclear energy limits agreed upon in a 2015 deal (that the US pulled out of last year), unless other countries step up and show opposition to the current US sanctions placed on Iran.

Hong Kong Gets Loud: Nearly two million people joined protests in Hong Kong this weekend, opposing a bill that will allow people to be extradited from Hong Kong to mainland China—a region with a far less transparent justice system. A Saturday apology about the now-shelved bill by Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam did little to appease the frustrated and frightened public.

The Important Stuff: The biggest takeaway from this lengthy George Stephanopoulos interview with Trump: "I don't call it tweets. I call it social media.” Do with that information what you will.

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Women's Soccer Recap: Another World Cup Win and a Thorns Draw

Sometimes it hard to be a woman...
Sometimes it hard to be a woman... Photo credit Portland Thorns FC

HOLY GUACAMOLE! It's been an action-packed and gobsmacked week of stellar soccer! The US Women’s national team won their second game in the 2019 World Cup against Chile 3-0 and the Portland Thorns gained one point with a 1-1 draw against the North Carolina Courage! SLAY MUCH? YAAAASSSSS QUEENS!!

The Thorns traveled to North Carolina to play and tie the Courage on Saturday. Say what you will about the I-5 rivalry between the Thorns and the Seattle Reign, but the beef the Thorns have with the Courage will always be THICKER for me. THICK MEAN BEEF!! Were you at Providence Park last year when the Courage beat the Thorns 3-0 for the 2018 Championship? I WAS AND IT STUNK LIKE FORGOTTEN SEAFOOD PAELLA IN THE BACKSEAT.

Oh, and were you in Orlando when the Thorns beat the Courage 1-0 for the 2017 NWSL Championship? I WAS, AND IT WAS HUMID AND HOT AND TOTAL SOCCER EXTASY!

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Victory Bar to Close Its Doors Forever Tonight

Victory Bar
Victory Bar RH

Beloved Southeast Division Street haunt Victory Bar, home of the Sneaky Tiki and a delectable venison burger, will be bidding farewell to the world after last call this evening.

The announcement came quietly yesterday via the bar's Facebook page with a post that read, simply, "It’s the last nights of Victory my friends. Come say goodbye tonight or tomorrow."

The decision by owner Yoni Laos—who opened Victory back in 2007 with then-partner Amalie Roberts—wasn't an easy one. As he told this reporter via text message this evening, "I am sad right now. Like a dad at his daughter's wedding. I cried three times today." The rest of his messages about the closing, though, came with the winking good humor that we've come to love from a bar that was decorated with candy-striped rifles and, in keeping with the name of the space, 1984-style propaganda posters on the walls, as well as a constant stream of carefully-curated music videos flowing from TVs set throughout the space.

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