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New Concert Venue Stage 722 Opens Next Weekend With Vieux Farka Touré and Collie Buddz

Vieux Farka Touré
Vieux Farka Touré David Thompson Fairchild

Next week, Portlanders will get their first look at Stage 722, a new performance space situated inside the soon-to-be opened Morrison Market. The 550-capacity room kicks off its existence on Friday, October 25 with a performance by reggae artist Collie Buddz, followed by a great double-bill featuring African guitarists Vieux Farka Touré and Bombino on Saturday, October 26. Both shows are co-sponsored by Soul’d Out Productions.

Morrison Market was dreamt up by the MMIO Corporation, a consortium of local business developers, including former No Vacancy Lounge co-owner Dele Okedara, who, according to general manager and talent buyer Eric Gerber, joined forces solely for the purpose of creating this business. In addition to the Stage 722 venue, the 8,000-square-foot space—located next door to Holocene—will host seven “food pods” for grab-and-go-type meals, a full liquor bar, and a beer-only bar.

“I can’t recall exactly what was in the space before,” Gerber says, “but there was literally nothing in it. No piping. There were two outlets. Minimal power. No infrastructure. So we’ve been building it from dust to what it is now.”

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Oregon Appeals Court Halts Ban on Flavored Tobacco Vape Products

Nijat Nasibli/Getty Images
On October 4, Governor Kate Brown announced plans to implement a temporary six-month ban on flavored vape cartridges, which went into effect two days ago, on October 15. Today, a state appeals court put a halt to that ban.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released a statement this afternoon on the decision, which said, in part:

"The Oregon Health Authority has been informed that the Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay of OHA’s rules that ban the sale of flavored vaping products. This decision means the rules are, for now, not in effect; the agency is communicating with its partners, including local public health authorities and other state agencies, that enforcement of the rules will be temporarily suspended."

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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Is Unnecessary, But I'll Take It

Walt Disney Pictures
As I entered the theater to see Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, I tried to come up with some things I hoped to get from this movie that didn’t get neatly wrapped in a nice bow in 2014’s Maleficent. I just wasn’t sure what else about this story needed telling.

The first Maleficent provided some much-needed backstory on the powerful and so-called “evil witch” from the animated Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) is actually a dark fairy who can control natural elements like roots, plants, and the weather. She can also cause other creatures to shape-shift. And for all means and purposes, Maleficent is also Aurora’s godmother. In the first film, we learn that despite the fact that she cursed a newborn baby—to get revenge on Aurora’s power-hungry father, who drugged Maleficent and, tragically, removed her magnificent wings—Maleficent watches over Aurora throughout her life, tries to revoke the curse, raises her to love the Moors, where fairies and other magical woodland creatures live. Eventually, the two form a deep bond, and it’s revealed that Maleficent’s maternal kiss (of true love!) is what broke the sleeping curse—not Prince Philip, who Aurora had only met once. During the film’s violent climax, Maleficent grows a new pair of wings, returning to her rightful glory once more. [SIGH] I love a good re-telling, a la Wicked. One of my favorite things about this re-telling of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent's perspective is the way it highlighted dissenting societal ideas about family, acceptance, and diversity.

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Savage Love: His New Girlfriend Doesn't Want to "Scare Him Off" With Her Kinks


My girlfriend and I are both avid listeners of your podcast. Admittedly, I am always a few episodes behind her because I have a fairly demanding work schedule, but it’s great to hear your thoughts on sex and intimacy issues. I had to email rather than call because she would definitely recognize my voice if you wound up playing the call over the air.

Okay, we are both very open and open-minded people. We’ve known each other for years, but only have been dating for four months or so. And the sex is great. We’ve both had our share of experience in the bedroom, which certainly helps. When talking about what turns us both on, I feel like we do share a good amount. However, she’s made a few comments recently saying that she “doesn’t want to scare me away” with her sexual fetishes and interests. I don’t think she realizes it but that makes me a little nervous. What could it be? What did I do to make her feel that she can’t share this with me? What should I do?

Thanks For Reading

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City Council Will Hire Outside Lawyer to Guide Upcoming Police Union Negotiations

Doug Brown

The City of Portland will be hiring an outside lawyer to help with upcoming contract negotiations with the Portland Police Association (PPA), the Portland's police union for rank-and-file officers.

On Wednesday, Portland City Council approved $250,000 of extra city budget dollars to pay for “counsel to be available for outside legal counsel for labor negotiations."

According to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office, this chunk of money is specifically earmarked for an attorney that will help hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement with the PPA. The police union’s current four-year contract is set to expire in June 2020, and negotiations between PPA and City of Portland are expected to begin as soon as January 2020.

While the city has yet to announce which specific attorney it plans to hire, Wheeler’s office has confirmed it won’t be anyone from the Bullard Law firm. In June, Bullard Law—a firm notorious for representing anti-union organizations—sent a proposal to city commissioners (later obtained by Willamette Week) offering the firm’s legal help on the PPA negotiations for $250,000 to $350,000. The city has declined this offer.

In the recent past, the city’s largely relied on its internal labor relations team and city attorneys to lead PPA negotiations. But an outside hire isn’t necessarily an indictment on the city’s own legal team.

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Living with Yourself Is a Double Stuf Oreo Where Paul Rudd Is the Crème

Paul Rudd started trending on Twitter today, which seemed to alarm a lot of people, who weren’t sure why the actor would be in the news unexpectedly. Don’t worry, everybody! Paul Rudd is not dead! He’s not in trouble! He simply has a new Netflix show premiering tomorrow! It’s called Living with Yourself and it’s totally okay!

Rudd’s trending on Twitter specifically seems to be the result of a promotional appearance he made on the Youtube series Hot Ones, in which he eats some very, very spicy wings. As with other interviews he’s done, Rudd’s age-defying charm is put to good use—he’s just a funny, genial guy who seems like he’d be super fun to hang out with. That charm is also the key ingredient in Living with Yourself, which gives us twice the Rudd: He plays a fellow who accidentally clones himself after undergoing a mysterious and very expensive rejuvenating process. This is a good idea for a show! Paul Rudd is funny and fun to watch! Doubling the number of Rudds in your television program is a can’t-lose proposition!

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Win FREE Tickets to HUMP! 2019—and a $69 Gift Certificate to Rev Hall!

HUMP! 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year! In just a few short weeks, Portland will be once again blessed by the funnest, craziest, and SEXIEST film fest ever, HUMP! For those just crawling out from underneath their rock, HUMP! is our home-grown film festival where local sexy people write, direct, and star in their own amateur five-minute porn movies. You'll see every stripe of sexual expression on screen, and—trust me when I say this—you'll never have a better time sitting in a movie theater. HUMP audiences scream, laugh, and have the time of their lives supporting these brave kinksters, and those who miss out on getting tickets will surely regret it. (Psst! Check out the super sexy and NSFW HUMP trailer here!)

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now for HUMP! 2019—it'll screen over three weekends at Revolution Hall (Nov 8-9, 15-16, 22-23) and depending on what show you see, they'll be hosted by myself (Wm. Steven Humphrey), comedian (and former HUMP! winner) Kate Murphy, or sex columnist/creator of HUMP Dan Savage!

Feeling lucky? Then fill out the widget thingy below to win TWO FREE TICKETS to HUMP! 2019, as well as $69 (get it?) gift certificate for food and beverages at Revolution Hall! We're giving away three pairs and three gift cards over the next three weeks, and every Tuesday will notify the winners. Want to increase your chances of winning? After entering, you'll be given the opportunity to share this contest with your friends and earn 10 bonus entries! OH WOW, YES! (Good luck!)

The Blood-Splattered Zombieland: Double Tap Is a Comedy Sequel That Actually Works

Jessica Miglio

The problem with comedy sequels is that it's hard to tell the same joke years later, but funnier. Despite the ravages of time and changing tastes, filmmakers must suplex the lightning back into that bottle, hoping everyone's down for another helping of that one bit everyone quoted in college, except now with too many celebrity cameos. (I'm very deliberately looking at you, Anchorman 2). But despite lurching into theaters a full decade after the original, Zombieland: Double Tap avoids those pitfalls while delivering a suitably zany Zombieland experience with the easy charm of an off-brand Mike Judge picaresque.

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone all return to banter and blast zombies, and their wry camaraderie speaks a seemingly genuine desire to play in this viscera-splattered sandbox again (rather than, as with many long-delayed sequels, simply the desire for a new beach house). Added to the mix are a spate of goofy newcomers, including a delightfully unapologetic flibbertigibbet (Zoey Deutch) and a pair of dirtbag doppelgangers (Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch). It's more a live-action cartoon than a serious entry in the zombie canon, but as a low-key genre comedy, it totally works. Best of all, the celebrity cameos remain sparingly deployed. (Still looking at you, Anchorman 2.)

Good Morning, News: Sondland Speaks, Portland's Preventable Homeless Deaths, and The Blob

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Gordon Sondland
Gordon Sondland Alex Wong / Getty images

Good morning, Portland! Here's your handy weather forecast: RAIN.

Here are the headlines.

Gordo Speaks: Gordon Sondlond, Portland hotelier and Trump's ambassador to the European Union, will finally testify before Congress today about his involvement in the Ukraine scandal. Read his full prepared statement—which places a lot of blame on Rudy Giuliani—here.

Rest in Power: Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland, has died at 68. Cummings served in Congress for over 20 years, and was central to the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Prevention Problems: According to a new report, at least 92 homeless people died in Multnomah County last year. Tri-County Public Health Officer Paul Lewis says "many of these deaths are preventable, but prevention is hard to implement if people are unhoused.”

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Photos: Bush, LIVE, and Our Lady Peace at Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Our Lady Peace Photos by Kathleen Marie

Last night reverberated with decades of rock as Bush, LIVE, and Our Lady Peace closed in on the final stretch of "The ALTimate" North American tour, celebrating 25 years since Bush’s Sixteen Stone and Live’s Throwing Copper.

Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace (OLP), who was in town recently celebrating 20 years of Clumsy (ok, so that was in 2017, WHICH FELT LIKE YESTERDAY), performed their heartfelt extended ending to “Superman’s Dead,” which was long enough to make the eyes sweat. Singer Raine Maida’s voice has certainly dropped a bit since the early-'90s days of whine-yi-yi-yi-yi-yeahh rock, and it resonates with their newer music.


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Rep. Jennifer Williamson Enters Oregon Secretary of State Race

Rep. Jennifer Williamson
Rep. Jennifer Williamson

Portland’s Rep. Jennifer Williamson is officially entering the race for Oregon secretary of state.

Williamson, a Democrat, currently serves as the majority leader in the Oregon House of Representatives. She has been the representative for Oregon’s 36th district, which includes much of Northwest and Southwest Portland, since 2013.

In her time in office, Williamson has sponsored sweeping reproductive rights legislation, and worked on legislation to strengthen gun control, provide paid family leave protections, and reform Oregon’s juvenile criminal justice policies.

In a press release sent Wednesday announcing her candidacy, Williamson said her secretary of state platform will include protecting elections from foreign influence, increasing transparency in campaign finance, and combatting climate change by “building clean energy projects on our public lands.”

“We need a Secretary of State who will tenaciously protect our election process from foreign tampering,” Williamson said in the release. “I will make the cybersecurity of our election data and voter information my top priority.”

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Pot Stock Profits Are Going Up in Smoke

Darren415/Getty Images
Until recently, there was much ado about investing in the “Green Rush” of cannabis stocks. Those with a stomach for the risks of investing in cannabis saw some returns hit 400 percent or more. But those high returns won’t be happening for many other investors, as 2019 has thus far served as a major disappointment.

This has been true for both US and Canadian brands, although with national cannabis legalization, Canada has a stock market that can list cannabis stocks. And many of those stocks in the Great White North are sliding south, quickly.

How bad is it? It’s bad. As Merry Jane writes: “Canada’s federal cannabis program, which is largely operated by five companies, saw a total market loss of $23 billion since September 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Steven Soderbergh's Panama Papers Movie The Laundromat Is... Fine

Claudette Barius / Netflix

Steven Soderbergh's put himself in a weird position. The insanely prolific, insanely diversified filmmaker—sometimes he's making one of the Ocean's movies, sometimes he's making Magic Mike, sometimes he's making The Knick, sometimes he's making Traffic, sometimes he's producing Bill & Ted 3, sometimes he's making booze—is so good, at so much, that just any project he takes on is worth getting excited about. Such were the expectations for his latest, the Netflix-bankrolled The Laundromat, a look at the Panama Papers scandal, adapted by screenwriter Scott Z. Burns—who's previously worked with Soderbergh on The Informant!, Contagion, and Side Effects—and boasting a cast with the likes of Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas, Sharon Stone, Jeffrey Wright, and more. (Even Will Forte pops up, for one entirely too-brief cameo.) Maybe it was wrong to expect something along the lines of Adam McKay's excellent The Big Short, which examined a similarly complicated matter with sharp, gutsy wit, but where it should cut, The Laundromat merely leaves a faint bruise. Wrangling together a handful of storylines—held together by commentary from the legitimately hilarious/reprehensible duo of high-level con artists played by Oldman and Banderas—The Laundromat never gels into a whole, and as good as some segments and characters are (Meryl! of course Meryl!), the end result feels surprisingly hollow. Which, given the elaborate bullshit schemes that were revealed by the Panama papers, is fitting, I guess. Maybe this story should all feel like a house of cards. But still.

The Laundromat is currently playing at the Hollywood Theatre, and streams on Netflix starting Fri Oct 18.

Ninety-Two Homeless People Died in Multnomah County in 2018

A memorial for deceased members of the homeless community at Street Roots office.
A memorial for deceased members of the homeless community at Street Roots' office. Alex Zielinski

At least 92 people who died in Multnomah County in 2018 were homeless at the time of their death.

On Tuesday, the county released its annual "Domicile Unknown" report, which presents data collected from the county medical examiner's office on the number of people who died without a home address (marked "domicile unknown" on their death certificate). According to the report, 2018 saw the highest number of homeless deaths since the county began recording this data in 2011. However, because of population growth in Multnomah County, the proportion of homeless people represented in the county's total annual death count (around 8.6 percent) has remained stable since 2015.

"It’s been a fairly steady drumbeat of preventable deaths among young and midlife people. In a way, it’s the monotonous nature that’s important,” said Tri-County Health Officer Paul Lewis, who oversees the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's office, in a press release. “This allows us to refocus our energy. It shows that many of these deaths are preventable, but prevention is hard to implement if people are unhoused.”

Fifty-three percent of the recorded homeless deaths were linked to alcohol and drug use. Of those deaths, 55 percent were caused by methamphetamines, with 47 percent attributed to opioids and 31 percent related to alcohol consumption.

This makes 2018 the second consecutive year that meth use has surpassed opioids as the top cause of death among homeless people who died from a substance-related cause.

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Good Morning, News: Candidates Target Warren, Civil Servants Spill Tea on Trump, and Reward Offered for Info on Sean Kealiher's Death

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Hi, Id like to join in on this dogpile of Elizabeth Warren.
"Hi, I'd like to join in on this dogpile of Elizabeth Warren." Win McNamee/Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Three course meals: spaghetti, fettuccine, and veal. But still, everything's real in the field. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Last night marked a turning point in the Democratic debates, with the 11 finalists gunning for the new presumptive frontrunner, Elizabeth Warren. Her opponents tried to poke holes in her many "I've got a plan for that" plans, with little effect. Otherwise everybody did pretty much how you'd expect: Biden and Sanders stayed steady, while Harris and Booker retained their positions—though Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar made a stronger case for their brand of liberal centrism.

MEANWHILE IN IMPEACHMENT LAND: Senior state department Ukraine expert George Kent told impeachment investigators that he was sidelined by the Trump administration to make room for the president's toadies (Portland's own) Gordon Sondland, Kurt Volker, and energy secretary Rick Perry—who called themselves (get ready to vomit) "THE THREE AMIGOS." Fuck every one of those guys.

Speaking of fucking every one of those guys: Michael McKinley, the former adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is expected to tell impeachment investigators today that "career diplomats were mistreated during his tenure and some had their careers derailed for political reasons."

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