1. How much pineapple should I be eating?

Most commercial pineapple growers use a lot of pesticides and other agrochemicals in the production of this slow-growing fruit, which isn’t good for the environment or the health of agriculture workers. Furthermore, unless you live in South America, the pineapples you’re eating most likely travelled thousands of miles to get to you, which means their carbon footprints are huge. So, you should be eating only organic pineapple, if you’re eating any at all, and even then only as a special treat.

P.S. If this is about the taste of your cum — and pineapple questions are always about the taste of your cum — it doesn’t matter how many pineapples you eat, your cum will never taste like room temp froyo.

2. Is licking ripe armpits bad for my health? My boys and I like to sniff and lick each other’s pits after sweaty workouts. Can that bacteria in there do evil things?

There’s a decent amount...

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