I’ve been carrying a lot of guilt and shame for a long time. (I’m going to drop a quick content warning here for sexual abuse: some of your readers might want to skip my question.) I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse. My abuser forced me to watch horrible zoophilia porn while they abused me again and again. This left me with an addiction to this kind of porn. I really don’t want to watch it anymore. I hate it and I hate myself for watching it. I want to know how to stop watching it as it physically hurts me every time I do, but I was conditioned to enjoy it by an evil person. This porn goes against all of my values, and I am so scared of anyone ever finding out. I’m still very young — not even 25 — and I want to know if there is any hope for breaking this habit and healing from this. Any advice is appreciated. I’m sorry if this question is upsetting, but I had to ask someone. I’m sick of feeling like a horrible person.

Abuse Wounds Fucking Up Life

I shared your question with someone who works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse...

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